5 spring cleaning with kids tips

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Hello sunshine! Can you believe we are talking about Spring Cleaning season already? Easter is less than a month away, so for me, it is time to start my biannual deep clean. I like to get it done as I decorate for spring. We’re homeschooling this year, so since the kids are already here, might as well put them to work! Of course, my older one is a bit more helpful than the younger, but that’s what we’re focusing on today – spring cleaning tips for the wee ones.  Here’s how to get your kinders involved!

I’m perfectly capable of handling the spring cleaning tasks on my own, but involving the little kids is a good idea for two reasons. One, it keeps them busy and out of your way. Two, it builds their confidence and gets them used to the repetition of chores. As a bit of control freak, I am always stifling my tendencies to take over and do everything myself. It is definitely important to let kids help, even if they make the job a bigger one… they have to learn somehow!

incorporate new decor

I do a deep clean twice a year – before fall decorating and before spring decorating. Cleaning is a lot more fun when decorating is mixed in, for everyone involved. Start spring cleaning at the end of winter instead, putting up new spring and Easter decor as you go.

kid-sized tools

Little hands require little tools. You don’t need much to create an awesome kid-sized cleaning kit: small broom with dustpan, microfiber cloths, small scrubby brush, spray bottle with non-toxic cleaner, small duster.

turn up the music

Music is a great cleaning motivator for adults and children alike, so crank. it. UP. Cleaning sessions with upbeat music can also double as a workout for the kiddos if they like to dance as much as mine do!

follow the leader

My son already follows my every move, so this he loves. The little ones may not be keen on tackling assigned chores on their own, so let them play “follow the leader” either with you or an older sibling. Give them the same tools (rag, broom, scrub brush, etc) and they can “finish” what you’re doing.

reward a job well done

A surefire way to make kids look forward to cleaning days is by giving a reward after a job well done. I don’t pay my kids money for completing chores, but I am definitely not above rewarding them in other ways – quick trip to our local ice cream shop, hour at the playground, movie night, anything they are interested in that day!

After the completion of any cleaning job in my house, there is one last task. That final task is always scent – lighting a candle, replacing wall scent warmers and giving a light spray to the air and fabrics. My absolute favorite is Febreze ONE Air and Fabric Spray.  Febreze ONE contains no aerosols, dyes, or heavy perfumes and is easy to use – a perfect spring cleaning task for your little ones. Simply pump the nozzle once for a little spritz, or three times for a continuous spray. Spray in the air and on fabrics until damp to eliminate odors and leave behind a light, bright scent.

My favorite Febreze ONE scent has definitely become bamboo (although orchid and mandarin are also lovely).  I use it in every room since it is a light scent – nothing heavy or perfumey. When your canister runs out, you can purchase refills from your local retailer.

Learn more about Febreze ONE and how it can freshen your home!

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