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5 smart baby products for peace of mind

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The day a new mom leaves the hospital with her baby is a frightening day – an exciting day – but absolutely terrifying.  While you’re filled with all sorts of overwhelming emotions (most of them good) there is this undeniable fear of the unknown.  A whole human being is now depending on you to keep them safe, healthy and happy.  It’s a big deal, especially if it’s your first.  Luckily, there are so many products available now to help us navigate the beginning of motherhood.  Here are 5 smart products that will give new parents peace of mind via their cell phones:

smart thermometers

The first time your baby gets sick and *gasp* has a fever can be traumatizing.  When your baby has a fever, you don’t sleep and it can be really scary for parents.  Instead of popping into their rooms all night, probing them with thermometers and disturbing their sleep, try a smart thermometer like TempTrac, which is an underarm patch that monitors temperature and reports to you via an app.  If their temperature spikes, you’ll get an alert, meaning you might just get a chance for some shut eye.

smart video monitor

Smart monitors have been around for awhile and are definitely worth the added cost.  Not only are baby monitors that link up to your cell phone helpful for home (no worries about being out of range) but really great for working parents.  Being able to peek in on your sleeping baby from work is priceless.

smart breathing and heart rate monitor

In an effort to spot breathing and heart rate problems (like with SIDS) there are quite a few body monitors on the market.  Most keep track of your baby’s heart rate, movements, sleep position and oxygen levels.  When there is a problem, you are alerted via app and can then jump into action.  Check out MonBaby, Mimo, Sproutling, Safe To Sleep and Owlet.

smart home

In the nursery and beyond, there are smart options to make your home controls accessible from your phone or tablet.  You can control everything from maintaining safe temperatures, control the lights (aiding in daytime naps) monitoring movement with motion detectors and more.  I particularly love the WeMo (this whole line is great) Switch and Motion detector which allows you to control the lights, detects motion and control other electronics like auto shades and sound machines.

smart bottle

Keeping track of baby’s nutrition can be a big task, especially when there are multiple people bottle feeding.  At this point, you and your spouse both are zombies – probably not keeping exact track of how much baby is eating and asking yourself, is it enough?  If you’re heading back to work, you’ll also be entrusting a caretaker to feed your little one.  Leave the tracking to BlueSmart Mia a smart sleeve that goes on your baby bottle and precisely measures the amount of milk consumed at feedings.

Connected via a smart phone app, parents can keep track of real-time feedings even when they are not at home and monitor baby’s progress over time.  This is especially helpful when at the pediatrician – simply show her your baby’s feeding journal.  If there are any problems with thriving, this would prove to be an invaluable tool to help adjust feedings.

The simple, flexible bottle sleeve is easy to use and charges wirelessly.  It is a universal size to fit most regular-shaped baby bottles available and is easy to clean.  Additional advice can be found in the BlueSmart Mia also guides you on things like optimal feeding angles and temperatures, along with an expiration alert for when to discard milk. Taking the guesswork out of bottle feeding is a huge relief for overwhelmed new parents.  Check out the video below for more on this ingenious product:

 Products that can offer parents peace of mind are truly priceless.  You’d do anything for that tiny bundle of sweetness, but to maintain house sanity, utilize the smart products available. You can find BlueSmart Mia on Amazon and Use the code NEWMIA30 at checkout for $30 off throughout the month of February.

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