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5 mother’s day experiences I’d love to receive {gifts}

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Groupon for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Many men struggle when it comes to choosing gifts for women, especially year after year. You don’t want to just give the same thing as last year, right? (That rule doesn’t apply if last year’s gift was Louboutins… those are totally okay for repeat gifts.) All moms are unique and with their own tastes and hobbies. However, I bet I can share 5 ideas with you that your wife, mother or any other mom in your life would love!

Giving the gift of a new experience is my favorite type of gift – something she will remember. I popped into Groupon’s Mother’s Day Gift Shop to see what they had and am sharing my top 5 ideas!

  1. A New Spa Treatment – Spas are always a great idea for Mother’s Day gifting. Despite how it sounds, it doesn’t have to be expensive and think outside of the box. If the mom in question is already heading to the salon for her hair and nails, give her something she wouldn’t normally try. I found all kinds of spa treatments from healing salt cave therapy to unique facials and foot detoxes!c698x422
  2. A Trip Into The Wild – This will vary depending on your area, but Groupon has such an amazing variety of natural experience gift ideas to offer. In my area there is whale watching for $9 (which I just paid $34 for last week) horseback riding, canyoneering, kayaking… endless possibilities at awesome discounts! Horseback_Tour_and_Wine_Tastings_-_Wine_Country_Trails_by_Horseback_Groupon_-_2015-05-04_12.02.40
  3. New Hobbies – As a busy parent, it is super easy to let go of hobbies. There isn’t any extra time in the day unless you make it for yourself – or your husband pushes it on to you. What a gift! Locally I found shooting range sessions (exhilarating, centering and a great skill to posses) and flight classes! Discovery_Flight_or_Lessons_-_Riverside_Flight_Academy_Groupon_-_2015-05-04_11.51.37
  4. Culinary Experiences – I absolutely love going to new restaurants. Not only is it a change to experience new foods and flavors, but it is an opportunity to spend time with loved ones. Book a date night dinner for two or send the mom in your life out with her girlfriends for a super awesome treat. Visiting breweries and vineyards make for an even better experience and there are lots of options on Groupon. I even found a local vineyard where you can do a wine tour and hot air balloon ride! Balloon_Flight_or_Winery_Tour_-_Uncorked_Tours_Groupon_-_2015-05-04_11.57.48
  5. Resort Stay – Groupon has such great rates on local hotels and resorts. Give mom the night off with a stay in a gorgeous hotel! Feel free to splurge and send momma out to the area, but know there are local options that won’t hurt your wallet. I found this local 4 star hotel with nightly rates at $89!! Hotels often have Mother’s Day packages as well, so once you purchase through Groupon, contact the hotel to see what perks they offer! 4-Star_Luxury_Spa_Resort_near_Palm_Springs_Groupon_-_2015-05-04_12.09.09

Head over to Groupon’s Mother’s Day Gift Shop to see all of the amazing local experiences and other gift ideas – there is something for everyone! If you are thinking about going the spa route, check out this $0 deal: Mother’s Day $0 Deal for 1 Year’s Worth of Spa Days on Groupon. Also make sure to check out the Mother’s Day Campaign featuring a group of all-star Mom’s Day Experts and a Mother’s Day Mystery Promo sale happening on 5/7-5/8 – receive anywhere from 20%, 25%, or 30% off up to 3 Local Deals! Happy Mother’s Day!

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