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clear out your purse, free up your vanity {multi-taskers}

One of my great loves in life is the multi-tasker.  It doesn’t matter to me what a product does, just as long as it serves for multiple purposes.  It is so satisfying, and I really feel like I got my money’s worth!  Let’s break it down to the ultimate reason for this sensational love: one item doing two or more things = less clutter.  One thing that we all have too much a lot of is make-up.  It starts early, and as we get older it seems there are more and more products necessary to achieve the flawless face of our fantasies.  We are bombarded by product after product that we are told we absolutely need.  One day, you go to pick up your already over-sized Chloe handbag and realize it weighs 15 lbs.  You go on a treasure hunt every time you enter the bag, finding a wide array of products you may or may not require.  Check Out time at the grocery store can be a *cringe* frustrating experience as you search for payment options.  While we’re on the topic, the American Chiropractic Association states that your handbag should not weigh more than 10% of your body weight, or risk injury to your neck and back (spring cleaning time).  You then come home and step in your bathroom and realize that your vanity has been taken over by jars, tubes, pots, and powders.  First, don’t panic.  Second, check the back of all of your make-ups and toss anything over or near expiration date.  There should be a little open jar on the back with a number, like 6M (for 6 months).  Do the same in your purse(s).  Now, seriously think about cutting back.

When it comes to our everyday make-up products, multitasking is key.  No one is asking you to go bald-faced out into the judging world.  I know that every great face starts with the perfect foundation, and for me, some days that’s as far as I go.  Can you imagine leaving the house with ONE touch up item?  Can you imagine leaving for the day with just a clutch?  Well I can, because I have been living with the Triple Touch Compact by Sensai.  This three-in-one compact is all you need to even your skin, conceal any blemishes or dark areas, and lightly cover with a fine, even powder.

The first step is to apply a layer of  Translucent Concealer, which will fill in fine lines, wrinkles, and pores with a moist, invisible film.  This will smooth and even out the skin surface, priming it for ultimate coverage.  The soft gel-like concealer glides on smoothly and gives your skin a moist, pearly radiance.  This glow is due to the new Pure Pearl Extract and Pearl Powder, which is obtained from Japan’s prized Akoya Oyster, a species exceptionally rich in collagen.  The pearl consists of calcium carbonate and conchiolin, an insoluble protein that plays a vital role in maintaining moisture and boosting collagen.  The luster brought by the pearl also imparts a soft, uniform luster that blurs the appearance of imperfections.

Next to the translucent concealer, you will find the tinted Cream Concealer, which is what you will use to camouflage dark circles and discoloration.  Both concealers feature thermo-melting technology, which means the concealer literally melts upon application using your own body heat.  This ensures a seamless blend of product onto your skin.  The concealer is actually a powder that is injected with a gentle oil that closely resembles your skin’s natural oils.  The oil-in powder blend can be used on it’s own to simply cover up any irregular pigmentation.

And finally, unify your skin with a refined finishing layer of pressed powder.  Your typical pressed powder is dry, and sucks moisture out of your skin, resulting in a flakes that settle into your natural crevices.  The Sensai powder is filled with pre-moistened granules, to lock in moisture, and help you achieve the silken texture and appearance you seek.  I was so thoroughly enamored with this product the very first day I tried it.  All three products had a smooth application, really blending into my skin.  My face was left looking fresh and even, not caked or fake.  The first application stayed on all day, despite my hectic schedule.  I checked in to touch up several times throughout the day, purely out of habit, but no touch up was needed.  By dinner time, I was touching up my eyeshadow and not my concealer.  That has to be a first.  This is a product that I will never be without and I recommend it 100%. You can purchase your own Triple Touch Compact for only $55, a steal for three products in one! Pick from three shades: light, medium, dark.

Special thanks to Kanebo for providing a sample compact for review purposes.

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