5 Christmas gift ideas for distracted toddlers

These 5 Christmas gift ideas for toddlers is part of a sponsored post on behalf of SocialStars and Playskool. #PlayskoolCrew

When my mom sent me the text asking for the kids’ Christmas lists, I panicked.  What do I get my almost 3 year old for Christmas?  Toddlers are not easy to shop for as they are picky and often lose interest quickly.  There are so many adorable options available, but what will actually keep your hyper toddler’s attention?  Here is my top five list of Christmas gifts for toddlers:

play all day elmo #playskoolcrew

  • tablet.  A tablet filled with educational and entertaining apps is always a good idea.  When your young child becomes bored with one app, you can always download another.  It is also a grow-with-me toy that kids can enjoy for years to come.  Consider how long you wish to use the tablet when choosing the exact brand/model.
  • simple toys.  The classic are classics for a reason.  Building toys, sorting toys, puzzles and books… these are toys that kids throughout time have enjoyed and your little ones will as well.  My toddler always comes back to his building blocks and books, tossing new, modern toys aside within hours.
  • educational toys.  Toddlers don’t know it yet, but they most enjoy toys that make them think, consider and learn.  Educational toys will keep short attention spans for longer amounts of time than unengaging toys.  Look for toys that involve motor skills, problem solving and ;earning new skills.
  • sporting toys.  Kids will always gravitate towards sports and recreation toys because they are social toys.  A football, isn’t just a toy, it is something they can pick up and throw to dad or a sibling.  Think beyond the typical balls to swim toys, frisbees, little badminton, croquet and golf sets.
  • interactive toys.  Toys that not only speak but interact are always big hits with kids.  There isn’t anything a child wants more than attention from parents, siblings and other people, so a toy that can talk and play with them is pretty great.

My son’s absolute favorite interactive toy (with whom he is napping with right now) is Play All Day Elmo.  They sing together…

play all day elmo #playskoolcrew

…play together

play all day elmo #playskoolcrew

…mean mug together

play all day elmo #playskoolcrew

They do it all and that is because Elmo does it all!  Playskool Sesame Street Play All Day Elmo toy has 2 modes of play to encourage both younger and older children to have fun – toddler mode and preschool mode.  In preschool mode, Elmo performs cause-and-effect play like tickling Elmo, squeezing his nose and bouncing up and down (a personal favorite of Gabe’s).  In preschool mode, Elmo kicks it up a notch with games and interactive activities like:

  • Hop and Count
  • Pat-a-Cake

  • Freeze Dance

  • Animal Sounds

  • Elmo Says

  • Color Guessing

  • What’s Up in the Sky

  • Red Light Green Light

When your toddler grows tired of playing and it is time to take a nap or go to bed, they can take cuddly Elmo with them.  Like I said, my son is currently squeezing him through naptime.  Simply turn Elmo to nap mode and he will play gentle lullabies.  The recommended age for Play All Day Elmo is 18 months – 4 years, which feels very accurate.  My son is turning 3 end of January and this Elmo has consistently been one of his favorite toys.

play all day elmo #playskoolcrew


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