5 benefits of teaching archery to kids

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After my daughter watched the first Hunger Games, her immediate comment to me was, “I want a bow like Katniss!” Shortly after, she had her first session at Palm Springs Archery and was completely hooked. A bow was on her Christmas list for this year, but she’s going to have to come up with something else because this week she received her dream a bit early – the ah-mazing Genesis Bow, which is customizable and I have one to give away!

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We live within walking distance of wide open, middle of nowhere desert, so Savannah and I grabbed her bow and headed out. The fall is so beautiful here – sunny and breezy – perfect for practicing Savannah’s new favorite afternoon hobby. Archery is such a unique sport in that it requires a specific skill set, combining focus, aim and patience. There is so much noise everywhere, all day with school, siblings, parents, chores… a quiet and calm sport like archery is a great way for kids to shut it all out and breathe. Savannah particularly loved the fact that her little brother (3) wouldn’t be anywhere near us. Every big sister needs a break!

Savannah has tried a lots of sports and hobbies in her young life. I think it is important to expose your children to a wide variety of things, because who knows what they will excel at/be interested in. Archery is an excellent sport to introduce children to for a wide variety of reasons:

  • focus. Archery takes patience, discipline and focus to master, both of which are not common traits in children (in my experience). Any sport which demands these qualities is worth teaching your kids. They can apply these learned skills to other parts of their lives like school work and friendships.
  • go outside. Of course, indoor archery is wonderful, but archery is a great sport to practice outside. In general, kids these days spend more time indoors playing video games and apps than outside running around. Any activity that gets kids outside to enjoy nature is a plus in my book.
  • mental. Archery is not just physical, but very much a mental sport. Kids must think about outside factors like the wind to make predictions, exercise their hand-eye coordination and aim/adjust.
  • individual competition. Not all kids enjoy competitive sports, and that is okay. Archery can be an individual competition where a kid’s opponent is simply their last shot/score. Of course, archery can also be a competitive and social sport if your child enjoys that side of it!
  • responsibility. One thing I found very valuable in my daughter receiving her own bow is increased responsibility. With a bow and arrow in her hand, she is not only in charge of her own safety, but those around her.

The Genesis Original bow is absolutely incredible, so let’s talk about it! Genesis Bows are designed with zero let-off to accommodate draw lengths from 15” to 30”, allowing archers of all ages, sizes and athletic abilities to shoot the same bow without adjustment. I saw this first hand as Savannah and I took turns shooting arrows into the target. I was massively impressed by this feature. Do you know what this means – kids won’t outgrow their bow!! The Genesis Original is the official bow of the National Archery in the Schools (NASP®), and is used in over 13,000 schools by over 2 million youth across the U.S. annually, so it is a brand you can trust. Genesis has helped get millions of kids into archery, which is a fast-growing sport that has so many benefits.

why archery is good for kids

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You can color customize your Genesis bow, which will be enough to get any kids interested in owning their own set. Savannah chose pink and purple as her color combo, but there are many other options in the Genesis Build-a-Bow tool on the Genesis website. I also love that the signature of the person who hand built your bow is right there… how neat is that?

genesis bows for kids

Attached to your quiver, holding the arrows, is an adjustable arm guard. This arm guard is also color customizable. How cool is it to have your arm guard match your bow?!

genesis bows for kids

I must admit, I didn’t think much about Savannah beginning archery at first. Now I realize archery is much more than just hunting (which is great, but not popular here in Palm Springs, CA). Archery as a sport has a massive amount of benefits for kids and adults alike. I’ve already signed Savannah up for archery classes locally, which will be a Christmas present. Speaking of Christmas presents, the Genesis Bow, customized in your kid’s favorite colors is the PERFECT gift. Girls and boys of many ages will love this personalized set and YOU the parent will love seeing your kids quiet, focused and determined to get the perfect shot! Check out Genesis Archery on YouTube for more!

Ahhh, bow my favorite part!! I am so excited to say, I have a Genensis Original Bow to give away. You guys know I don’t do a lot of giveaways, only when it is something I really love, so here it is – the perfect, customizable Christmas gift!

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  1. December 17, 2015 at 10:57 am — Reply

    Was very excited after reading your blog. Competed in high school in az for two years. Even taught at girl scout camps for 3 years. Looking to teach my 7 year old achery. Thank you for the inspiration. Might even get myself a bow.
    All smiles and noches

  2. Patty
    December 17, 2015 at 6:45 pm — Reply

    This looks amazing! I have 2 daughters who tried archery at girl scout camp and LOVED it and have been wishing for a bow for Christmas. This would be awesome!

  3. Andrea Ferguson
    December 17, 2015 at 8:37 pm — Reply

    Thanks for sharing. It really makes me want to get my girls exposed to archery. How do we sign up for the giveaway?:)

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