Celebrate National Pet Month with your cats

I’m sharing these tips to celebrate National Pet Month with Febreze as part of a sponsored series for Socialstars™


It’s National Pet Month and I’m in the mood to celebrate it! National Pet Month is important as it emphasizes the benefits of pet ownership, increasing adoption and charity. If your home could welcome a new pet, adopt one now! I’m feeling like a full house at the moment with our two kittens, so we’ll be celebrating in other ways.

Our kittens have been with us 6 months now and are truly woven tight into our family. Over the years, we’ve had some bad luck with our rescues but these two are nearly perfect. They are loving, sweet, tolerant and low maintenance. They are still kittens, so they are also REALLY playful which makes me happy I adopted two at the same time. They always have a friend to pounce on. I definitely recommend adopting two kittens at the same time if you can.

4 ways to celebrate National Pet Month

donate to your local animal shelter

Last week I took the kids to our local animal shelter for Earth Day. We brought old blankets and towels, which shelters really need to keep their rescues cozy. We also brought leftover (unopened) dog and cat food. The shelter was very gracious and both of my kids felt great about the experience. I’ve already got a few more old towels in the back of my car waiting for the next drop off! Give back to the shelter where you found your pets; check their website for donations they are asking for.

buy them a new toy, scratcher or snack

I have a habit of swinging through the cat aisles on the hunt for clearance cat toys. My two cats are still really kittens and therefore super playful. They are always batting something around or pouncing onto each other, so they love new toys. Just this week I found super cute sushi cats toys (omg) and also a new scratcher. Pets don’t need much, but a something new is a great way to show your love.

schedule a pro photoshoot

It’s important to document your pets just like you do with your children. I already think – ugh, I wish more photos of Jake and Lilith when they were tiny. Pets can be tricky to photograph, though, I know. Find a local photographer who specializes in pet portraits and book a session! Hiring a pro is also the best way to get that “mommy and me” photo with your pet-child.

clean up their spaces

Pets, especially cats, appreciate tidy, personal spaces. My two kittens claim the entire house as their space, avoiding any cat beds I have purchased. Why sleep on a personalized pet bed when you can sprawl out on the couch or bed, I guess?  Show your pets you care this month by giving all of their favorite nooks a refresh.

I refresh all of my spaces with Febreze ONE Air and Fabric Mist but it is especially handy for pets. You’ll never find a litter box without a bottle nearby! Febreze ONE contains no aerosols, dyes, or heavy perfumes, making it perfect for all pet areas. I don’t know any animals that prefer a heavily perfumed air.  Simply pump the nozzle once for a little spritz, or three times for a continuous spray. Spray in the air and on fabrics until damp to eliminate odors. We all know pets leave behind odors…

Pick up a couple of the Febreze ONE (in bamboo, orchid and mandarin) on your next shopping trip – but don’t forget a new little something for your pet while you’re there! When your canister of Febreze ONE runs out, refills are also available.


Learn more about Febreze ONE and how it can freshen your home!

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