4 tips to refresh your closet for spring

I’m sharing these tips to spring clean your closet with Febreze as part of a sponsored series for Socialstars™

I am absolutely loving this perfect spring weather here in Palm Springs. The days are warm and sunny (but not yet hot) and the nights are cool and breezy. After a fall and winter of jackets, sweaters and scarves, it is time to give my closet a bit of a spring clean. Time to make way for all of the sheer fabrics, flowy caftans and every shade of pink.

4 tips to refresh your closet for spring

purge winter clothes you didn’t wear

Now is the time to flip and sort through your fall/winter wardrobe. Find pieces that you didn’t wear this year and chuck them, no questions asked.  If you didn’t wear a cold weather item over the last 6 months, it is just taking up valuable real estate in your closet. Freeing up space leads to…

purchase new key spring clothing

Reward yourself for a purge job well done by investing in some new spring pieces. Look for items you can mix and match with your existing wardrobe, basics and staples, but don’t forget a few pieces with spring flair. Add some bright colors, floral or exotic patterns and pay attention to fabrics like satin, tulle, eyelet and linen.

pack away and reorganize

Pack away bulky cold weather clothing to store for the end of the year. I like to put my heavy knits in boxes that breathe, up on the top shelf of my closet. What’s left in rotation can now be reorganized. I always organize by category, sleeve length and color but sometimes by the end of a season, my clothes are out of order. A season change is the perfect time to get back to organized.

freshen up the space

Give the walls, floors and shelves a thorough cleaning as you purge, swap and reorganize your spring clothes. Make sure all shelving, hooks and such are securely fastened and in proper working order. Finish off your now spring-ready closet with a spray of air freshener and you’re done!

My favorite way to freshen any room is with Febreze ONE Air and Fabric Spray. Febreze ONE contains no aerosols, dyes, or heavy perfumes, making it perfect for all closets. Simply pump the nozzle once for a little spritz, or three times for a continuous spray.

How do you freshen up your rooms for spring? Of course, bringing in fresh cut (or potted) blooms is a fantastic idea, but for an extra, long-lasting burst of light scent, try Febreze ONE in the bamboo scent. It works in any room and is perfect for spring! When you’ve used up your bottle, you can purchase Febreze ONE refills to keep your whole home smelling delightful all season long.

Learn more about Febreze ONE and how it can freshen your home!

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