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30 days to thicker hair {Nioxin}

I participated in the NIOXIN 30 Day Challenge as a member of One2One Network.  Post sponsored by NIOXIN but all opinions and results are my own.

One thing I have noticed changing the most throughout my life is my hair.  It seems to be linked to hormonal changes which started with puberty when my poker straight hair sprung up into tight spirals.  With each pregnancy, more changes occurred… my spirals turned to loose waves, my thick hair became thinner, even the texture changed.  I was drifting into the dull and lifeless category quickly.  Other factors to consider are age (turning 30 this year) environmental damage and trauma from color processes.  I really put my hair through the ringer!

After my last pregnancy, I began to really focus on my hair health.  Here is what I did:

  1. water, lots of it
  2. biotin supplements
  3. restricted my use of heat styling tools
  4. went a bit longer between colorings
  5. installed home water softener system

Results were pretty good. My hair was noticeably healthier and stronger but I was NOT getting any added volume.  Volume was what I lost after this past pregnancy so I was determined to find a solution.  Over time, hair tends to thin further so no. time. to. waste.  Hear me?

#NIOXINchallenge Nioxin review

These past 30 days I have been testing out NIOXIN’s Hair System Kit, a 3-step treatment.  Specifically for my hair type, I received System 5, which is formulated for normal to thin-looking, chemically treated, medium to coarse textured hair.  You will need to take the test –> thinning hair system kits  <– to figure out which kit is right for your hair.  There are 6 Systems so your hair gets the exact treatment it needs for thicker, denser-looking hair, in 30 days, guaranteed.

#NioxinChallenge 30 day challenge

First step of the kit is the cleanser.  This removes follicle-clogging sebum, fatty acids and environmental residues from the scalp skin and hair.  There is so much environmental junk in the air so cleansing is important.  I remember when I lived in LA I had to switch to a more clarifying shampoo to combat living in smog city (gross!).  After washing, the Nioxin cleanser leaves my hair feeling clean but not dry, which is incredibly important for me as I have naturally dry hair.  Now that I live in the SoCal desert, I have been skipping shampoo some, afraid to dry my hair out.  NIOXIN is a game changer for me… cleansing yet not drying.

#NIOXINChallenge Nioxin review

Second step is conditioning, or optimizing.  This crucial step helps to provide hair resilience and control moisture balance.  If you have chemically treated hair like I do, this is product is a life-saver.  Stronger hair can stand up to colorings, allowing you to have the color you want at the length you want.  As a gal with dry hair, you can imagine conditioner is very important to me.  I have been through SO many conditioners, rarely liking any.  I need big time moisture balance and damage control, but I also cannot stand heavy, weighed down hair.  Many conditioners labeled for dry hair leave residues behind and make my hair fall flat… can’t have that.  NIOXIN Conditioner in Kit 5 is so perfect for me.  It leaves my hair silky and strong, yet with buoyancy and volume.

#NioxinChallende nioxin review

The third and final step I found most interesting.  Step three is Treat.  NIOXIN Scalp Treatments contain antioxidants and botanicals that help to thicken each hair strand and refresh the scalp.  This is sprayed onto a damp scalp and left in — do not rinse.  Spritz in directly on your scalp.  This Scalp Treatment System 5 is for us gals who chemically process our hair, which can leave the scalp irritated and way off balance.  If your scalp is feeling irritated, this step will give you a rejuvenating freshness!

#NIOXINchallenge Nioxin review

So, guys.  I want to explain my results after 30 days to you.  Running my hand through my hair is incredible, and I cannot stop doing it!  My hair is seriously denser, something I can feel and see.  The thickness at the scalp is awesome – I’m already planning the magical, thick braids in my future!  I plan to stay on the Nioxin system and will share any updates via Instagram, so make sure you follow me!

#NIOXINchallenge nioxin review

I am excited to continue to use Nioxin and also check out some of the other products and treatments.  This is the real deal and I am thrilled to bring this brand to you guys.  It is perfect for us moms who experienced postpartum hair loss and for those just growing older with thinning hair.  Head over to Nioxin’s website to figure out which kit if right for you!

WIN!!  US only please.

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Have you experienced thinning hair?

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  1. Kimberly
    March 1, 2015 at 10:01 pm — Reply

    I am 10 months postpartum and my hair started shedding like crazy when my son was about 6 months old. I had just resigned to it being part of life, but I’d love to try something to help combat the effects of the hormonal fluctuations.

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