3 ways to make cleaning fun

This post is sponsored by Pine Sol but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Life is all about perspective.

When you’re an adult, there are all kinds of things to do that you don’t really want to do. When you’re a mom, that list quadruples. But, when you stop to appreciate everything you have and how amazing life is, the negativity just fades away. Cleaning is not something I typically enjoy on its own. Add in some helpers though, some tunes and a positive attitude and it ain’t so bad! I’m sharing #MyCleanMoves today and I task you to do the same – a fun contest below!

play music

Cleaning the same house over and over can create a bit of monotony, so occupy your brain with your favorite tunes. Crank it up or keep it soft – whatever gets you gliding across the hardwoods and twirling around your mop handle. Music is a known mood-booster and a cleaning spree is the perfect time to check out that new album or playlist.

set a timer

I perform better when given a deadline, at work or in chores. Setting a time limit alllmost makes cleaning like a game and it motivates me to work faster. If more than one person in the home is cleaning (consider yourself #blessed) then you can race the clock together – see who gets more done in that time limit. Maybe this only works for us competitive folks!

wear something you like

While I love wearing my husband’s sweatpants like the next gal, frumpy “cleaning clothes” can be quite depressing. By all means, choose something comfortable and definitely something you can move in (you will be dancing too, after all) but it doesn’t have to be sad clothes. Find a super cute apron, wear a hat (this is also great for dancing) and who doesn’t love a bright yellow pair of cleaning gloves?

I clean like I mean it and I;m not wasting my time with products that don’t work! I’ve used Pine-Sol® for so many years, usually the original scent with kills 99.9% of germs when used as directed. It has 2. 4X the cleaning action, overpowering dirt, grime, grease and deordizes along the way. It is safe on surfaces of all kinds (use as directed) and it’s definitely my go-to floor cleaner. Pick yours up at your local Walmart where you’ll find a variety of scents. The original scent is a bit nostalgic for me but I also like Pine-Sol® Lemon Fresh and Pine-Sol® Lavender Clean®.

Do you dance, sing, twirl and air guitar your way through cleaning? Show off how you clean. Your way. Enter the #MyCleanMoves Contest by posting an Instagram photo of yourself dancing and singing while cleaning with Pine-Sol®, using the hashtag #MyCleanMoves and #Contest, tagging the @PineSol brand, and following @PineSol. Sounds fun, right? I’ll be watching the #MyCleanMoves to see your entries!

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