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my 3 day juice cleanse {Skinny Limits}

I found my love of juice cleansing, oh say, 4 years ago.  There is just something about a natural hard-reset that revitalizes not only your body, but your mind.  In gorging on fresh, raw vegetables, fruits and nuts, your body feels fulfilled and your mind is reminded that you don’t need that processed junk!  You DO have willpower and you DO love what comes from the earth; it is all we need.  Talk about a diet change that fills the soul and grounds you!  The Skinny Limits 3 Day Juice Cleanse was sent to me for review, and review I did!

Skinny Limits raw juice cleanse review results in_the_know_mom

Skinny Limits is a company based in Austin that provides cold pressed, raw juices to people around the country. When reading through Skinny Limits profile I was struck by their conviction and genuine passion for juice cleansing and love this quote from them:

We are fresh, raw, and gluten free. We use no pasteurization and no processing. Our juice is alive!

What happens when companies produce their juices for the grocery store is HP processing, which kills all live cells.  Skinny Limits is raw, alive and delivered to your door –> just as if you had their $16000 Good Nature cold pressed juicer right in your kitchen, and don’t we all wish we did?!?

I began this post with my love/passion for juicing, but let me tell you, I am a true foodie.  I will eat anything once and will never be a vegetarian, a vegan, a fruitarian… whatever anyone says, writes or shows me.  I love seafood and eggs and red meat and goat cheese and sugar and bread and… anything else with a flavor!  I have a passion for combining ingredients in new ways.  I get excited over freshly milled spices, marbling in my short ribs and, oh, my precious local Mexican market produce!! Those voluptuous mounds of overflowing fruit — who could contain their glee?

This is important that you know I am not a raw veganI’m like you.  And, you know what else?  I love cocktails like a total lush.  This makes me, and all of you, even better candidates for juice cleansing.  I swear, people are so afraid that they will feel ravenously hungry, mad as a hornet and positively woozy as a Southern Belle — but give it a try and you might be surprised how well you do!

Tips for a successful juice cleanse:

  • Select the right length for you: just starting out?  Try one day. Take note of how you feel.  Then try three days, the true beginner cleanse.
  • Keep hydrated and full of electrolytes: before, throughout and afterwards.  Drinking plenty of water will help flush the toxins (and alleviate symptoms).
  • Embrace the initial symptoms: negative symptoms like headaches, fatigue, extra mucus, nausea, bloating and gas may be uncomfortable, but they are signs the cleanse is working –> this is your body detoxing!  The symptoms will soon turn positive.
  • Don’t nurse your juices: Drink them cold and fast, within 5 minutes.  This will fill you up truly and reduce premature hunger pangs.
  • Avoid foods: just don’t eat.  If you feel like you are about to give in though, keep it raw and fresh.  Skinny Limits has a list of okay foods to eat during a cleanse.  No alcohol!
  • Skip your high impact workouts: light workouts like yoga are great and totally sufficient.  The first couple days you won’t have a ton of energy so just take those days off.  Work on your stretching and breathing.  Heavy exercise also drains electrolytes and can put strain on the intestines.

Each morning, you start with a cup of hot filtered water, fresh lemon juice and cayenne pepper.  Add them to your taste.  I add half a lemon worth of juice (a full lemon if not very juicy) and a few good shakes of cayenne.  This awakens your body and get the systems revved up for a day of juices.

skinny limits review juice cleanse in_the_know_mom

Day one I found out that Skinny Limits juices taste GREAT, really yummy.  They are smooth, well balanced and just delicious.  So how did I feel? Towards the end of the afternoon, I was craving something other than juice.  To say I was hungry isn’t probably the right choice of words… I was just craving.  I also developed a headache and some other discomforts.  These were signs to me that my body was detoxing and I tried to focus on that thought.  The juice cleanse was working, stay strong and be positive.  Before my typical time, I felt exhausted and even a bit nauseous as I slipped off into dreamland.

Day two I woke up feeling awesomerefreshed and with more energy than I’m used to… even with my son waking up twice that night.  I felt positive about the cleanse and my headache had faded.  I jumped right into my juices and went about my day.  I noticed that my cravings for other foods were not significant. I had a bit of extra mucus, another sign of a detoxing body, but other than that,  I felt great.  I breezed through til dinner time when my daughter wanted Peanut Butter and Jelly Pancakes.  She clearly was trying to torture me, but I braved through.  I was prematurely exhausted this day as well.

Day three I woke up feeling even better.  I had a positive outlook on the day, felt light on my feet and had a ton of energy.  I wasn’t very hungry throughout the day and kept having “oops I forgot to drink my juice” moments.  Honestly, food wasn’t even on my radar.  I went about my normal routine, running errands, homeschooling and then cleaning, except this day, I was deep cleaning the kitchen, including the fridge and oven, organizing junk drawers and scrubbing the floors.

My husband walked in and shot me the “what’s up with you?” face.  I told him I had so much energy.  His response?  “You’re never eating real food again, this is great!”

Day four I was sad because the cleanse was over.  The thought of food was unappetizing so I made fruit/vegetable smoothies all day (trying to recreate the blends of Balance and Scorpion Lemonade) and one salad for dinner. All day I felt amazing, full of energy, positivity and proud of myself for not cheating during the cleanse.  I got back into my T25 workout routine and really powered through, probably the most I’ve given to a workout in a long time.

skinny limits juice cleanse review raw juice in_the_know_mom

Skinny Limits juices are super yum.  Within my 3 day cleanse, I tried four different juices (16 oz):

  • Pure & Simple (Green Juice) –> your standard green juice containing: kale, cucumber, spinach, apple, parsley, celery and lemon.
  • Balance (Green Ginger) –> Green Juice + ginger
  • Scorpion Lemonade (Cayenne Lemonade) –> Spicy, sour, sweet and I could drink them all day, contains: lemons, agave nectar, cayenne, filtered water.
  • Crescent Moon (Cashew Nut Milk) –> feeling like a dessert reward at the end of the day, contains: raw cashews, vanilla bean, cinnamon, agave nectar, filtered water

Let’s talk pricing.  A one day cleanse is $49 (6 juices), three day cleanse is $147, seven day cleanse is $343.  There are options from 1-10 days and you can even create your own customized juice cleanse.  I do juice at home but you cannot beat the convenience of Skinny Limits when doing a multiple day cleanse.  Having the juices ready to go makes it easier to stick with the cleanse.

Happy juicing folks!  Order online at Skinny Limits and let me know how you do!! Keep in the know by liking Skinny Limits on Facebook.

I received this product for free from the sponsor of the Moms MeetsSM program, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agreed to use this product and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC or the manufacturer of the product.

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  1. January 1, 2014 at 5:32 pm — Reply

    I have never done a juice cleanse before, and totally want to. This is the way I would want to do it, based on the convenience and the fact that it is offered in such a healthy way.

  2. January 1, 2014 at 6:42 pm — Reply

    I love juice cleanses, so free feeling ever

  3. January 1, 2014 at 7:37 pm — Reply

    Interesting – I don’t think a juice cleanse is for me, but glad you hear that you get good results from it.

  4. January 2, 2014 at 5:41 am — Reply

    I have always wanted to try a juice cleanse, this would be great for the new year.

  5. January 2, 2014 at 6:22 am — Reply

    I have always wanted to try a juice cleanse but have never gotten around to it. I need to really try to make this a priority. I think I’ll feel better, plus I love the idea of having more energy!

  6. Lisa Burton
    January 2, 2014 at 11:43 am — Reply

    I am looking forward to cleansing, detoxing again. Because I am breast feeding I can only oil pull. But as soon as he is weaned I will be trying this. I miss the ” clean” feeling and the energy that comes from it.

  7. January 8, 2014 at 7:04 am — Reply

    I have not tried a juice cleanse before. I am not sure how my body would handle it. Does it maintain your blood sugar throughout the day? I am not diabetic, but I do turn into the people on the Snickers commercials when I get hungry. :)

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