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3-in-1 vitamins for everyone {SmartyPants}

smarty pants kids vitamins dhaMaking sure our kids get an adequate amount of vitamins and nutrients each and every day can be taxing!  What a huge responsibility.  Relax a little (and cheat a little) with SmartyPants Vitamins.  With SmartyPants Vitamins, you get not only a multivitamin, but also Omega 3 DHA & EPA + Vitamin D–All in the form of sweet  gummy gum drops!  Speaking of sweet, organic sweeteners (5 g) are used but no fake dyes, preservatives or flavors, or anything else of the sort (gluten-free).  SmartyPants are the only combination vitamin of its kind (I love multi-taskers).  The Omega 3 DHA & EPA comes from small sustainable fish.  Also included is 100% US RDI for Vitamin D.  My daughter loves to take these as they taste great and are not chalky like some of the other varieties.  A fun fact about the gummy texture:  SmartyPants spent 3 days trying to make their vitamins melt in the sun. Hot cars, small boxes on their porch, Happy to report they never turned into a gummy mess…

While you are keeping your little ones healthy, know that you are also helping other kids.  SmartyPants has a 1-for-1 system that we have grown to love (and expect from our favorite companies).  SmartyPants partnered up with Vitamin Angels to spread nutrition to kids in need.  “Vitamin Angels’ mission is to reduce child mortality worldwide by connecting essential nutrients, especially vitamin A, with infants and children under five. Founded in 1996, Vitamin Angels provided micronutrients to over 10 million children in 2009.”  Right now, they are trying to meet a current goal of reaching 1,000,000 kids!  Help them break this goal by ordering SmartyPants vitamins for your kids (oh and did I mention they sell adult vitamins as well?).  If you are having issues choking down those adult horsepills they call vitamins, you might want to switch on over to the easy chew SmartyPants!

Purchase vitamins for your whole family via the SmartyPants website and get free shipping on orders over $25!   Order in bulk or in to-go packets (or in bulk to-go packets) as well!

Products were provided to facilitate this review.

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