10 everyday mom wins to celebrate

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So the other day, I heard a motivational speaker talk about something called a “Mental Diet”. Basically, it is where you say no to negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts for seven days. I tried it and I’ll tell ya, it’s harder than you think, especially as a wife and a mom. These people in our lives that we love the most, they can drive us crazy the most – amirite?

While negative thoughts are a part of life, we don’t have to give them life by speaking them. That’s a good take away. Another take away is to TRULY not sweat the small stuff. If you do, you’ll have nothing but negative thoughts all day long. To celebrate my amazing life – the good with the small bad – I’m sharing 10 of my favorite (well, just the ones that came to mind first) everyday mom wins. As moms, we wear many hats and are responsible for SO many things. We should be celebrating our daily wins out loud and proud!

10 everyday mom wins to celebrate

  • family dinner where all of the foods are still warm
  • your picky eater tries a new food, gags, but still manages to swallow
  • showering two mornings in a row
  • meeting another mom you actually have things in common with (outside of being a mom)
  • not finding a damp towel on the carpet
  • an unprompted “i love you”
  • have a band-aid when your kid actually needs one (bc kids use them like stickers and the box is always empty)
  • Magic Erasering something new off a wall and it works
  • driving a cart full of groceries and kids into an empty supermarket checkout line
  • completing a basket of laundry folding with no loner socks

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