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yogurt + peanut butter + banana steel cut oats {protein breakfast}

I’m one of those people who doesn’t like to eat early in the morning.  My husband wakes up and his first thought is – what’s for breakfast?  I need like 5 hours or more before I even want to think about eating.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I do function better when I have it, so luckily I found a food that sits well with me in the mornings – steel cut oats.

Steel cut oats have so much to offer nutritionally.  They are excellent sources of protein, soluble and insoluble fiber and select vitamins and minerals, far surpassing the rolled oats cousin that has been over-processed.  Yes, they take a bit longer to cook but there are easy short cuts like preparing them overnight in a slow cooker.  The nutritional benefit is worth it!

steel cut oats benefits

Lately, I have been eating very clean.  My diet has been largely produce so I feel like I need to pump up my protein intake, especially in the morning.  A big boast of protein and carbs in the morning is exactly what we need to fuel us for our day.  To my oats I am adding peanut butter and banana (because who doesn’t love that combination?) yoghurt and pecans, and am absolutely loving the combo – and and don’t forget the honey!

protein steel cut oats #simplelife #mhy #mountainhigh #mountainhighyoghurt #simplicity

I’m pretty picky about my yoghurt and you should be too.  Not all are created equal.  You want to find a company that makes their yoghurt with milk that comes from cows not treated with hormones, just like how you would choose your beef.  You also want a company that lets the cultures thicken the yogurt, no shortcuts like adding gelatin.  The thing is, yoghurt is a fabulous substitute for many things like mayo or sour cream – definitely a healthier alternative and I love the tanginess it adds to any recipe.  Considering my requirements, I’ve been using Mountain High Yoghurt in my oats to add the creaminess, the tanginess and a hint of sweetness.

protein steel cut oats peanut butter yogurt #simplelife #mountainhighyoghurt

Some days I use plain and other I use vanilla – both work in this recipe.  Once your oats are cooked, simply add in the yoghurt with your other ingredients that add flavor and nutrients.  After this breakfast, you will have the energy to tackle exercise, work and kids, which is what my day tends to contain!

#simplelife #mhy #mountainhigh #mountainhighyoghurt #simplicity

 For more yoghurt recipes, check out Mountain High’s Pinterest page.  Subscribe to the Mountain High Yoghurt newsletter and download a coupon for $1 off two tubs!

protein steel cut oats

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