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Life gets so hectic as you grow your family. There’s always a million things to do, places to be and in all that chaos, sometimes we lose sight of what matters most. In the spirit of Helzberg’s “I Am Loved Contest” I decided to focus on how my family shows me I’m loved. No matter how hard of a day I’ve had, coming home to my family makes all that stress disappear (well, mostly). Knowing that I have a husband who loves and supports me, is faithful and hard working, that’s everything. When we get into bed and I crawl into his nook, instant smile, instant sleep. After 15 years of ups and downs, we’ve only gotten better!

And then these two knuckleheads… I’m so blessed to have these two very different but equally amazing children who (so far) really seem to not only love me, but even like hanging with me! I treasure these childhood days because I know they do not last. My daughter is always interested in what I’m reading, what makeup I’m wearing, what I think about things. She loves just being with me.

Often times when I feel down, sick, tired or just low energy, my kids can feel it. They’re quick to give me a random hug or cuddle me on the couch. My littlest, Gabriel, is the most affectionate little creature and definitely very empathetic. He’d cuddle me all day if he felt like I needed it…and when I leave the house or come home, I’m always tackled by Gabe. It’s the “little” things like this that show me I am loved.

On this particular day of getting tackled while I walked out to the car, my husband had planned a little date for us. He works nonstop as a very busy Realtor. It’s rare that we are able to spend time together during the day and by night, well, we’re usually exhausted. This particular Friday, though, Neil shut his phone off and took me on a date to a tequila and taco bar in Palm Springs. He knows I love my tequila! I felt loved, appreciated and blissfully happy to be his priority that day.

After lunch (and with a little buzz) Neil was like, let’s not go home, lets pop into the antiques gallery. Okay, I have couple of obsessions that I’ve developed since living in Palm Springs, Mid-Century Mecca. One, vintage caftans and nightgowns. Two, colorful, vintage blown glass decanters and genie bottles from the 50s/60s.

So whereas some other guy might be like, “lets hit the mall babe.” Neil knows I’d much rather be treasure hunting. This is how I know I’m loved by him. I got SO lucky this day, too. I found the most amazing vintage nightgown (promise to get a photo on Instagram soon!) and two more glass pieces to add to my collection. These things aren’t cheap… but Neil just looks at the price and shrugs. He truly loves to make me happy.

How do you know you are loved

It’s not that money can buy love, but buying the RIGHT items certainly can… those items that only someone who truly loves you would even think to pick out. Of course there are a few things that everyone loves to receive and diamonds are at the top of that list (and I’ve got a chance for you to win some)!

Love is at the heart of what Helzberg stands for. When Barnett Helzberg Jr. proposed to Shirley Bush in 1967, the love he felt sparked a thought…everyone should feel like this. Everyone should feel loved. This wholly romantic notion famously inspired the “I Am Loved” lapel button along with ads featuring Helzberg Jr.’s own words, “Buy her a diamond or give her a button, but in any case, tell her she’s loved.”

Isn’t that sweet and so true?

What’s your own “Why I Am Loved” story? Visit Helzberg’s “I Am Loved” Contest to learn more about your chance to win a $250 gift card to Helzberg Diamonds!

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