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a perfectly warmed bottle every time {Dr. Brown’s}

Newborns can go from content and pacified to screaming and hungry in seconds flat.  I forgot this little mom tidbit but, with a newborn in the house again, I have been reminded.  When all the milk is in the fridge, or, even worse, the freezer, feeding time can be a stressful one.  Baby wants to be fed but surely they don’t want to take it cold.  When choosing a bottle warmer, I knew I wanted something simple and fast.  Already loving Dr. Brown’s bottles, I figured they were a good place to start.

With this baby I really have had my choice of bottles, and it has been fun testing them all to see which he likes and doesn’t like.  A favorite of his, and mine, is the Dr Brown’s Natural Flow glass bottle.  They have the same amazing vent system as their standard bottles, but are in glass form.  They allow less oxidation, which maintains the integrity of vitamins like A, C and E.  Match them with the silicone sleeves (that are pretty easy to get on and off) and it’s like bottle perfection!

The ideal companion for the bottles is the Dr. Brown’s Deluxe Bottle Warmer.  This electric warmer is a quick and safe way to heat breast milk and formula to the magical temperature – you know, the temperature that soothes baby so much that one eye closes, and then the other one almost closes but not quite because they are fighting sleep so hard and they know you haven’t gotten decent sleep in weeks but they still have to fight it… but then the warm milk wins and finally they drift off to sleep.  Yeah, that temperature.

the duo

Dr. Brown's bottle warmer

We keep this portable warmer in our bedroom most of the time, making for easy nighttime feedings.  No one wants to stand upright in the kitchen for longer than absolutely necessary at 3 AM.  You can easily move this guy around the house because it is so portable — lightweight and carry-able with one hand.  Set up is a breeze.  Just fill the reservoir on the side with water, which lasts through a few heatings.  This is awesome for night time when you only have energy to just push a button. The warmer slowly uses the water to create steam heat, warming the bottle and contents.

Of course the Deluxe Bottle Warmer fits Dr. Brown’s bottles perfectly, but it also accommodates other brands as well.  As I mentioned before, we have quite a few different types of bottles in rotation, some short and fat, some tall and skinny and others quite quirky in shape.  All of them (both wide and narrow neck) fit into the Dr. Brown’s warmer.  The inner basket is adjustable for short or tall bottles — just flip it over for shorter bottles (making them easier to access).

dr brown's electric bottle warmer

Times are laid out for you in the manual, depending on plastic vs glass and the amount of ounces you are heating.  The time is also dependent on the starting temp, whether its coming from room, refrigerator or even freezer!  The LCD display reads the time you last used, which is handy since now only one push of the play button is all that is required to start.  If you do need to change the heating time, the up and down arrow buttons can handle the job.  When the bottle is ready the LCD display will flash and an audible alarm will beep.  Just like Pavlov’s dogs, my son knows that beep means warm milk is coming and he actually stops fussing.  Unfortunately, the alarm sounds a lot like our coffee maker alarm, confusing my son when no bottle comes! =)  An awesome feature of the Dr. Brown’s warmer is that it automatically adjusts the time when warming another bottle directly after the first — great for parents with twins.

So far, I only have a big list of pros for the Deluxe Bottle Warmer by Dr. Brown’s.  I really cannot think of a con.  It is working perfectly for me, giving me identically warmed bottles time after time.  It is so easy to use, is of really great, durable quality, and when the time comes, it will be great to heat up baby food jars as well.  Purchase the warmer (and bottles) for a reasonable price, retail at $45 but coming with a discount when you buy at Amazon.

Product was provided by Dr. Brown’s to facilitate this review; all opinions are 100% my own.




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