an unexpectedly good-looking humidifier {Broksonic}

 an unexpectedly good looking humidifier {Broksonic} winter skincare home health During winter, the indoor air can be punishing. Because of the dry air I’m doomed with chapped lips, dry skin, and a dry nose, so I need a humidifier. But you know what I don’t need? An eyesore in the room that begs to be put away when company comes over.

Rarely does the word “modern” pop into one’s mind when they think of a humidifier, but that’s the first thing I thought of when I came across Broksonic’s HM 36 cool mist humidifier. This tall, sleek mist machine is a far cry from its bulkier counterpart. It blends into the room like a piece of art. It’s easy to use and the settings are easy to change. There is only one button for you to push. Pressing it turns it on/off and and allows you to choose between high, medium and low settings. The settings are color coded, and I happen to like my setting on blue (medium). It beeps to let you know when you’re low on water and automatically shuts off when you run out. Set it on low and it will run for 22 hours. And did I mention how quiet this thing is? You can barely hear it when it’s on.

To fill the humidifier you remove the top shaft to access the water container. Then you can take the container out to fill in the sink. Keep in mind that regular use means regular cleaning. You must clean your humidifier at least twice a week to prevent mold from growing. You’ll instantly know if it’s been too long since you’ve cleaned it because it will smell old and musty. When it’s time to refill the tank, go ahead and dump out any water that’s left in there because bacteria breeds in stagnant water. So, on the underwhelming subject of cleaning – that part can be as easy or complex as you make it. I’m a simple person, so my cleaner of choice for this is white vinegar. I fill the container with hot water and small amount of white vinegar and let it sit for about 30 minutes then dump it out and let it air dry. I’ll take a little bit of that mixture and wipe the other parts of the humidifier and let those air dry, too.

 an unexpectedly good looking humidifier {Broksonic} winter skincare home health At the base of the humidifier is a well hidden aroma tray. And I repeat: well hidden. I had to take out the manual to find it. The tray slides out and reveals a felt disc for a few drops of your favorite essential oil. The scent isn’t overwhelming if you use it, but you do need to change the felt with each scent or if it becomes dirty. Broksonic supplies you with a couple extras, but make sure you keep them in a safe place! I tape mine to the bottom of the base or else I’m guaranteed to lose them.

This humidifier is large enough for our open concept living room and kitchen. Being indoors is so much more comfortable now since our dry nasal passages and dry skin issues have been alleviated. Humidifiers aren’t just beneficial for our bodies, but the moisture also helps keep furniture and plants in good condition. But most importantly (I think), humidifiers have been shown to slow the spread of germs. From the copious amounts of radio and television ads running rampant lately, I’m sure you’re fully aware that full-blown flu season is about to hit. And you know what? The influenza virus loves dry air and is more likely to survive in low-humidity conditions. A recent study concluded humidifiers may help decrease the spread of the flu.

The HM 36 humidifier is available in White, Brown, and Red. The smaller, HM 27, humidifier is available in Brown, Pink, Purple, and White. They also have a pretty cool tree leaf humidifier that made it to Oprah’s September 2012 O List. Right now all purchases ship free, and use the code MOMS at checkout to for 40% off!

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