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Snack & Play Travel Tray {StarKids}

We seem to do a lot of road trips in our family. When my daughter was little, I could get away with popping in a movie and she’d be perfectly content for a two hour ride. These days my daughter has lots of questions, wants to draw, gets hungry. You name it, she’s asking us for it every 30 seconds. StarKids makes an adorable Snack & Play Travel Tray that is perfect for all of their travel needs. With a convenient buckle that snaps around the back of their carseat, stroller or airplane seat, the tray will never move and is a safe item in case of a crash. Made out of foam, the entire tray collapses and is actually a cushion on impact. With two mesh side pockets on either side of the tray, your child will have more than enough room for their own paper, pencils, iTouch, crayons, snacks, pretty much everything that they should need during your trip. This will give them the freedom to have a choice on what they’d like to do or eat. It’s nice for them to be able to fend for themselves versus asking you to give them activities or food.

My daughter loads up her pockets with her drink, crayons, iTouch, headphones and her snacks. I can hear her giggling to herself as we drive because she’ll start to say “Mom, can I have a…” and then she stops herself. Insert her giggle here. Then she’ll pull out her choice of a snack. StarKid’s Snack & Play Travel Tray allows my child to have fun during our drives. She’d color all day if I’d let her, so allowing her to do one of her favorite things in the car is so much fun for her. Coloring without a tray is hard to juggle the crayons and the book is hard to color on your lap. Plus this is when she leaves crayons in my cup holders or her car seat and I’m left with melted wax to clean up as it bakes in the hot desert sun. But with the Snack & Play Travel Tray, she puts all of her crayons back in the side pouch. I just grab the tray once we’ve arrived at our destination and bring it inside with us. It eliminates a lot of the messes in our car on trips.

For younger kids, they created a wonderful Air Play Tray Table cover made of cotton that slides over the tray table on airplanes. With eight different activities for your 6 – 24 month old to play with, they’ll be stimulated for most of the ride in-between naps. Suddenly flights with infants doesn’t have to be so scary!

Head over to StarKids to see where you can purchase a Snack & Play Travel Tray near you. Like StarKids on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to stay In The Know on all of their latest updates.

Special thanks to StarKids for providing a sample for review purposes.

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