training dresser by Peter Bristol {genius}

I absolutely love that my daughter can, for the most part, dress herself.  It’s such a great freedom like when they are capable of brushing their own teeth and bathing themselves (still waiting on those milestones).  With the help of this awesome dresser from Peter Bristol, you can get them not only dressing earlier, but also putting away laundry earlier.

“Well considered and well made. The dresser is hand crafted and packaged with care in Eastern Washington by the crew Mountain View Cabinetry.

The cabinet is made from ¾” ULDF and finished with conversion varnish. The drawers are 9 ply ½” maple plywood, dovetailed and finished with clear catalyzed lacquer. All cabinet and drawer components are cut, drilled and dadoed on a CNC table router. Assembled with a combination of screws, pins, staples, glue, and Pacific Northwest fresh air.”

Sure it costs a pretty penny ($1500) but it is certainly not only useful but iconic.  You may even want to get one for your husband.  To purchase, email



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