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the best 10 pool games for kids

Here comes the heat guys; time to think of all the fun pool games for kids.  I grew up in the pool and have a long list of games I loved, plus some I’ve learned with my own kids.  Here in the desert, it has been pool weather for awhile.  We have been soaking up the sun, floating around and diving deep!  I sat down with my 9 year old and we decided these are our 10 top favorite pool games for kids playing with kids:

  • Marco Polo.  An oldie but a goodie, every kid likes this game.  “It” closes their eyes, yells out “MARCO!” and all other players must announce “POLO!”  If “It” thinks one of the players it out of the pool, running to another place in the pool, “It” can yell “FISH OUT OF WATER!” and now that player is “It”.  Busted!
  • Popsicle.  Freeze tag for the pool, when a person is tagged by “it”, they must stand frozen, legs apart and arms up in the air.  They can be unfrozen by another player swimming through their legs.
  • Submarine.  This is a simple underwater race game where players race from one end of the pool to the other.  It just sounds more fun when you call it “submarine”!
  • Noodle Joust.  This game requires two easily maneuvered pool floats and two noodles (four noodles if there will be two players per float).  Have the players sit or straddle the floats, floats facing each other on opposite ends of the pool.  Have them kick the floats towards each other, trying to joust the other team off their raft.
  • Categories.  “It” player stands facing the wall at one side of the pool, the rest of the players on the other end.  “It” will call out a category and each player will choose their answer (i.e. if the category is colors, each player picks a color).  “It” will shout out an answer, one by one.  When your answer is shouted, you must try to swim to “It” side and touch the wall without being spotted and touched by “It”.
  • F.I.S.H.  This is like H.O.R.S.E. in basketball and great for older kids who know a lot of tricks (great for pools with a diving board).  The first player will perform something in the pool or into the pool and each other player must replicate.  If they cannot, they receive a letter.  The game continues until all but one player is out.
  • Follow the Swimmer.  Follow the Leader for the pool, the followers must replicate the leader exactly or they are out of the game.  It is usually best to have a parent be the watcher since the leader often can’t watch the followers closely.
  • Scavenger Hunt.  Gather groups of objects that sink (diving rings, balls, anything weighted) and scatter them into the pool.  Call out the scavenger list and have the kids race (can be in teams) to gather all of the objects.  The player(s) who grab the list items first, wins.
  • Seaweed.  This Red Rover-inspired game is really fun for a group of kids, like at a birthday party.  One kid stands in the middle, while the others go to one end of the pool.  The middle kid yells out “SEAWEED!” prompting all kids to try and swim to the other end of the pool without being tagged by the middle kid(s).  Once a player is tagged, they join hands with the middle kid(s) to create a seaweed string.  The last kid to make it past the seaweed is the winner.
  • Relay Race.  You could do a million different types of relay races in the pool: trying to keep things above water as you swim across to the end, push a rubber ducky with your nose (that one seems to be very popular) and you could even incorporate an underwater obstacle course with weighted rings (aka hula hoops).  Kids love to race, so just get creative with what is around you.

After a long day of pool games, the kids are going to need to dry off in the sun and hydrate.  I usually keep a bucket of drinks in ice around and this week it is Fruit Shoot®.

Where to buy Fruit Shoot!

All of these pool games have one thing in common – they are active!  Pool games are the perfect way to keep kids outside exercising without overheating.  I’ve seen our temperatures soar to 121 degrees here in Palm Springs, so watching for heat stroke or dehydration is something I take very seriously.

Fruit Shoot® is a hydrating fruit juice drink that is in the perfect on-the-go container.  You won’t have to worry about kids staying hydrated while out on their summer adventures because they will be BEGGING you for Fruit Shoot®!  Believe me, I know firsthand.  Find Fruit Shoot® in a variety of flavors in regular and no sugar added, including:

• Apple (no added sugar)
• Berry Burst (regular and no added sugar)
• Orange (regular and no added sugar)
• Strawberry & Raspberry (regular and no added sugar)
• Wild Berry Grape (no added sugar)

Fruit Shoot® is made with real fruit juice and is free of artificial flavors and high fructose corn syrup (thank God!)  Like I mentioned before, the packaging is awesome and even my 3 year old doesn’t spill!  It comes with a re-sealable cap, perfect for outdoor adventures like hikes and pool parties, but also great for lunchboxes!

Where to buy Fruit Shoot!

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