Thanksgiving Craft: model clay turkey

It’s November, AKA the month of Thanksgiving crafts in any homeschool family! Even though we don’t eat turkey here in our vegan home, it’s pretty hard to shake the turkey as a symbol of Thanksgiving. There is a substantial amount of turkey crafts on Pinterest, plenty of options especially involving painted hands and feet! For my older kids, the house favorite is our Model Clay Turkey. This craft is super simple, easy enough for very young kiddos and customizable. Bonus points, you can keep them for next year to put out as decoration.

The Model Clay Turkey requires only a few supplies:

The first step is to simply form the turkey shape with the modeling clay. Roll the clay to form a body, a head and a beak. We found it is easiest to form the beak on the existing head and not try to attach a separate beak piece.

Next, insert the feather’s quills into the turkey’s body. What color and how many is totally up to you. For reference, turkeys typically have 18 tail feathers so feel free to add a lot!

Once you have finished the plumage, its time to form the feet. This is best done by creating a ‘W’ shape with the pipe cleaner, leaving a straight end to insert into the clay. Push the straight portion of the pipe cleaner into the front/bottom of your turkey.

Now set your turkey out in the sunshine to air dry and harden.

Once your clay has hardened, it’s time to paint! Kids can paint the entire turkey or just a face, it’s up to them.

More Thanksgiving craft ideas coming soon!!


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