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For the past six years now, PlanToys has been one of my top favorite toy manufacturers. I’m a sucker for wooden toys. They’re green, cute and I like to picture my future grandchildren playing with the same toys their mom’s played with as kids. For over 30 years, PlanToys has

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Finding toys that provoke thought and inspire little minds are real gems in a sea of… junk.  So you can avoid wading through that, there is Brilliant Sky Toys & Books, a 15 franchise chain selling quality toys with a side of excellent customer service and free gift wrap!  I

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motorworks race car review

Have I mentioned how cool it is to be a mom of a boy?  Yeah, I’m sure I have.  I love having a girl but it is so much fun to switch over to boy stuff.  It is funny how into construction and cars my boy is at 7 months…

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Sarah and myself started In The Know Mom for a lot of reasons several years ago. About five and a half years ago we became friends from our similar likes and passions. We both refused to settle for plastic toys that everyone seemed to have. Melissa, has a very similar

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I’m easing into my hardcore Halloween decor.  I’m not big on pre-made holiday decorations, so I am lapping up the DIY projects to create fun and unique items for my home.  Each year, I add a few more to my arsenal.  This DIY tutorial is from Poppies at Play and is a

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This house is run by Apple these days.  While my daughter has many interests outside of the iWorld, there is a special place in her heart for Angry Birds Rio.  I can easily justify her time spent in iWorld with a couple dozen learning apps.  In many ways, the iPad has

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I think I might like playing with this toy just as much as my kids do.  In part because it is made of wood, not plastic, but mostly because of the incredible and adorable detail used in its design.  The passengers are a cute little hippy family dressed in flip

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We’ve gushed about our love of Plan Toys for years now. We bragged about our love of their toys here and then also hosted a giveaway of their airport toy here.  Both Sarah and I are loyal customers with their items. I think half of the toys under our tree last year

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I’m so excited to be able to contribute to the Family Game Night postings here at ITKM for the fifth installment. Haba‘s “Keep it steady!” is a game similar to the old “Pick Up Sticks” game from when we were little. You bunch all the colored sticks together and place the

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For our third installment of family game night, we have a Haba game called Animal Upon Animal or Tier Auf Tier.  This wobbly stacking game is super cute and perfect for kids ages 4 and up.  The parts are quite small so keep them away from little ones who like

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