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creativeimaginative playshoppingtoys

The holidays are getting so close… can you feel it?  Planning and purchasing for Christmas or Hanukkah can be quite overwhelming, but I also have two kids with January birthdays as well — this is the beginning of my crazy season.  Toy research is a top priority, and I am

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knitting for kids

Gifts that inspire creativity and new hobbies are the best, and this Christmas, I’m hunting for the them high and low.  My almost 7 year old discovered “yarn bombing” the other day where people use knitting as a form of graffiti .  Well, you know she thought it was amazing

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melissa and doug magic

Finding toys that provoke thought and inspire little minds are real gems in a sea of… junk.  So you can avoid wading through that, there is Brilliant Sky Toys & Books, a 15 franchise chain selling quality toys with a side of excellent customer service and free gift wrap!  I

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bommerscheim buddies review

This holiday season, give your babies what they want, a lovable, huggable Bommerscheim Buddie.  Parents win too with the easy to wash covers, many colors and prints available for back-ups and even replacements.  Baby never needs to be without his favorite Buddie again.  A Bommerscheim Buddie was sent to my

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pirate queen lottie doll review
creativedress uptoys

Our kids are very impressionable.  With all the high standards, unrealistic or even unobtainable expectations out there, girls today are set up for a lifetime of body confidence issues and feelings of inadequacy — if parents don’t step in.  Every little girl needs fashion dolls but now there is a

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magic school bus weather lab
educationalkidsschoolschool at hometoys

It’s the end of weather week here in homeschool.  I planned on this being a topic earlier in the year but “weather” is mostly nonexistent here in the desert during the summer.  The temperature fluctuates more now and we get a bit of precipitation here and there, so it felt

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motorworks race car review

Have I mentioned how cool it is to be a mom of a boy?  Yeah, I’m sure I have.  I love having a girl but it is so much fun to switch over to boy stuff.  It is funny how into construction and cars my boy is at 7 months…

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popar interactive puzzle review
gamesimaginative playkidstoys

My daughter has taken over the iProducts in my home.  I have this vague memory of the iPad being my birthday present one year…very, very vague. I rarely touch it anymore!  With an overflowing list of installed kids apps, I have to be picky about the new apps that my

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backyard safari outfitters review

Summer is here and it is time to get outside.  Backyard Safari Outfitters has just what your kids need to explore the uncharted grasses and trees of the wild backyard. We just moved into a house with a yard after a very long year in a Los Angeles apartment building. 

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super duper educational homeschool review
educationalgameskidsschoolschool at hometoys

Keeping with my Summer Brain Drain theme these days, we have the latest and greatest from Super Duper Publications, an amazing source of learning materials for kids.  Previously only available to teachers, therapists and special needs professionals, Super Duper is now on the consumer market.  Let the great roar of

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