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When my second child was born, I was terrified, more terrified than with my first.  With my daughter I had ignorance to help me sleep through the night.  Six years later when my son was born, I stayed up all night sick with terror thinking about SIDS.  The first few

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HALO Swaddlechange review

Avoid the struggle of diaper changes with HALO Innovations’ newest release, the SwaddleChange.  As a big fan of HALO, I always have my ear to the ground for the latest products, and the SwaddleChange, a changing pad cover with adjustable swaddle wrap, is definitely the latest, maybe the greatest. Fitting

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When I hit my second trimester, I did some major research on SIDS especially since I had a lot of items stored from when my first daughter was born 5 years ago. They say that you should never re-use a crib mattress from one baby to the next. Some mattresses

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