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These days kids learn to type the same time as they learn to write, and good for them.  I gave my daughter computer access as soon as she recognized letters, using it as a tool for learning to spell.   Once I saw how fast she was picking it up,

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Potty time outside the house is stressful.  Lucky for me, my daughter avoids it like the plague, but there are times when it is unavoidable.  Places like airports, zoos, theme parks, and just all day errand-running will eventually lead to potty breaks.  Even a road trip makes for unsanitary rest

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Since children do not come with an instruction manual, we all need a little lot of help.   Here in the US we have bookstores filled with knowledge and Google, which can help you find the answer to the most obscure questions.  Our infant mortality rate reflects our resources.  Other countries

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Just because summer is coming to end does not mean we are safe from the sun’s harmful rays.  Ugh – I write this from Southern California’s triple digit heat – Autumn please!  For years I have used a daily facial moisturizer with SPF protection.  I have beenthinking, “why would I not

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Baby is here…hide the good china!!  With some of the silicone innovations these days, there is less reason the fret.  We’re covering bottles and glasses, so why not bowls as well?  Boon, always on top of innovation, has introduced the Wrap, a cover for adult-sized bowls.  Now your tots can

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The potty woes are endless it seems.  Making it to potty trained is an incredible feat for sure.  But once you are there, it is a string of potty seats and step stools.  I cannot tell you how many times I have tripped on the various step stools around our

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Dr. Brown’s is not just your average glass baby bottle.  Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow is the only baby bottle to feature an internal vent system.  The purpose of the vent system is to decrease oxidation.  This helps maintain vitamins C, A, E, and lipids inside the milk.  Lipids are good

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When I lived and worked in downtown Chicago, I’d always end up working late. That left me the choice of either walking to the El (elevated train) or walking across the street into a very dark and deserted parking garage. Some reason, I chose to be lazy most mornings and

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When spending a day at the pool, ending it with a shower is no brainer, right?  Got to wash away that pesky chlorine from our hair  and skin, not to mention our kids’ hair and skin, right?  Not so fast.  Many of us use some method to filter chlorine from

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Your child just started choking on something. Do you know what to do? What if your parents were babysitting, would they know what to do? Or even the babysitter? So many dangerous things can happen even in the save environment of our homes that require quick reactions from us to

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