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kids ladybug pasta recipe
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Who needs a few new dishes to serve their picky kids?  All of you?  I thought so.  Fresh off the press is Noodlemania!, a collection of 50 playful pasta dishes your kids will rave about. It is super trendy these days to create healthy, kid-friendly dishes but most are so

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Kaldi CBTL review

Coffee is always a welcome beverage in the homes of parents, especially one as quick and easy as from the Kaldi by Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.  This sleek brewer delivers coffee, tea and espresso all within a flash.  Ideal for your home or others, the streamlined Kaldi is a

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Zoku Quick Pop Maker review giveaway
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Summer may be over and fall has set in but around here that doesn’t mean we stop eating our favorite frozen treats.  I’m sure you’ve all seen the Zoku pop maker and probably wondered if it was as fabulous as it looks. Well, I’m here to tell you that it

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designed to nourish review
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While it may seem more convenient to pick up a case of jarred purees, the effort involved in creating your own is not that great.  These days there is a baby food cookbook on every rack, and respected blog, and plenty of tools to get the job done. Dr. Brown’s

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Rubbermaid giveaway
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Anything that comes into my house that can be recycled, gets recycled.  It is a constant weekly thought–is it recycling day, did I put the bin out at the curb?  One can imagine, I have a lot of recycling that piles up over the week.  This means I really need

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I’m not sure how I got through my daughter’s early years without a Moxie Bib.  Bibs were always such a source of stress for me as they really never did their job.  It would be an ideal world if food that misses baby’s mouth only fell in that 10 inch

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My son’s plates are slowly out numbering my own plates. He doesn’t help my habit when he is just as excited about getting a new plate as I am! My son has his own cabinet filled with plates, bowls, and cups of his very own. When it comes to my

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I love to bake, and recently realized I was in need of a new apron. I did not want to settle for a common, everyday store-bought apron, so I decided to do some looking online. After scoping out a few sites, I found the innovative Jessie Steele. There were so

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The women here at ITKM are always on the lookout for ways to remove prepared edibles from our lives.  The evidence against pre-packaged food is mounting, and while many of us have phased out the frozen dinners and salty boxed/canned foods, most overlook the simple staples.  We must be weary

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There is something about these stream-lined glasses that thrills me.  When it comes to drinking vessels, you can’t beat hand-blown glass.  There are a couple pitfalls to glass though: it sweats with cold liquid (condensation) and  heat escapes from hot liquid.  Mimuno has designed a smart, functional, and attractive line

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