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Strollers are like cars. There are so many makes and models but some are better suited than others when you consider terrain. You wouldn’t drive a Prius through the back woods as you wouldn’t parallel park a Hummer in the city. My new-mom mistake was picking a stroller as if

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mam bottle brush review

The trickiest part of bottle feeding is probably clean up, at least it is for me.  Bottles and their nipples come in all shapes and sizes, and that standard giant round brush is not the one size clean all it claims to be.  With an array of bottles in my

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dr brown's deluxe warmer
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Newborns can go from content and pacified to screaming and hungry in seconds flat.  I forgot this little mom tidbit but, with a newborn in the house again, I have been reminded.  When all the milk is in the fridge, or, even worse, the freezer, feeding time can be a

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Let’s call a spade a spade: a bottle is just a boob replacement, a substitute feeding station, and who are we to change nature’s design?  The mimijumi baby bottle is inspired by nature, resembling the real deal in shape, color and texture.  We all know breast is best, and same

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simply right formula

Choosing the right formula for your baby can be a big decision.  You do, after all, need to pick one and stick with it.  With a one week old in my arms, I’m fully aware of newborn nutrition and the importance our decisions have on the now and the future. 

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zen swaddle review
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Moms report up to 2 hours of extra sleep (need I say more?).  Designed to mimic your touch, the Zen Swaddle by Nested Bean is an innovative swaddle that will bring baby comfort and deeper, longer sleep.  Combine the time-tested swaddle with the weight of touch and you have an

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To say the MAGIC Stargaze Playmat & Gym is interactive would be an understatement, but unlike the harsh sensory overload items on the market, Mamas & Papas delivers soft lights and crisp, pleasant sounds.  Pull toys on the overhang arch and a sensor touch pad stimulate and encourage young development,

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dolphin organics
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Organic and natural baby skincare is the only way to go.  Between skin allergies and skin sensitives, there is ample reason to care about what is in those bath products you use on your baby (and yourself).  However, even popular brands can add synthetic ingredients without you truly knowing.  With

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tomat apparel
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Oftentimes “organic” does not bring adjectives like “bold” and “unique” to mind, but Tomat is shaking things up.  With their 100% organic clothing, Tomat has inspired, stand out designs for infant and toddler, boy and girl. When I first had a look at Tomat’s lightning design, I knew I had

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baby vikings jersey peterson
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Happy Sunday football!  Show your fan spirit by outfitting your tiniest fan in the latest NFL gear.  Dad will be happy to show off his little man or lady in his team’s colors.  Two birds, one stone.  For the best collection of sports fan apparel, check out Baby Fans. Have

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