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Lakso 40" hybrid tower fan review in_the_know_mom

Summer is bringing incredible heat which can run the range from uncomfortable to down right dangerous.  My family and I live in one of the top hottest places in the US, so we are always looking to cool down in any way possible.  Fans are a great way to beat

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rhoost modern babyproofing review
baby gearhouseholdinfantsafety

So, I’m here again.  Baby-proofing.  My son is rapidly approaching 6 months and with that, lots of movement.  With a goal of keeping up with his big sister, he’s showing early signs of crawling.  I’m already cringing a bit as I hear boys are a bit more adventurous.  My daughter

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airwick review

This post brought to you by Air Wick. All opinions are 100% mine. Pleasant aromas are mandatory in my home but I cannot stand anything overpowering or sappy sweet. Life is busy and what my family needs is a fragrance that is easy to use and safe for kids.  Air

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Rubbermaid® All AccessTM organizers

This post brought to you by Rubbermaid® All AccessTM Organizers. All opinions are 100% mine. Nowhere to run to, the great Spring Clean is here. Get your home organized and you’ve already won half the battle!  Earlier this week, I shared my three D’s of organizing: dump, donate, delegate, the

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purple cows laminator

The decision to homeschool my kindergartner this year was a big one, one I did not take lightly.  Many factors were at play, but ultimately we decided homeschool was the right choice for our daughter and I have no regrets!  It has been such a success that I am contemplating

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simplehuman kids soap pump sensor giveaway

There is a time that comes when every parent realizes their baby is no longer a baby.  When developing autonomy turns into straight pig-headed strong-willed independence.   That time came awhile back for my daughter and it was a tough adjustment for me.  Letting our kids do more and more things

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I can honestly say that Bona is one of the best companies out there when it comes to green and effective cleaning products. I discovered Bona while shopping for a product to clean our new wood flooring. I wanted to find something that was going to be non-toxic, and I am

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I’m still learning how to use my Whirlpool Duet HE Washer & Dryer and I love that. Usually when I get a new electronic, I can master it within the first day by checking out the features and reading the manual. With these items, each time I use them, I seem

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There is something about these stream-lined glasses that thrills me.  When it comes to drinking vessels, you can’t beat hand-blown glass.  There are a couple pitfalls to glass though: it sweats with cold liquid (condensation) and  heat escapes from hot liquid.  Mimuno has designed a smart, functional, and attractive line

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bathbeautycharitycleanerseco-friendlyhouseholdmake upskincare

  What does soap, skincare, bodycare, cosmetics, bath, and home products have in common?   Well, for one,  they are  products that we use each and every day.  Another, is that the purchase of these commonplace items can benefit women and children across the globe.  That’s right, with Soap Hope, you

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