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leapfrog homeschool review
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Summers are notorious for being a drain on the brain.  Kids often lose quite a bit of knowledge from the previous school year during the summer, so I hope you have been actively keeping those kids learning!  August is here (say what?!) and with it, a new school season.  I’ve

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backyard safari outfitters review

Summer is here and it is time to get outside.  Backyard Safari Outfitters has just what your kids need to explore the uncharted grasses and trees of the wild backyard. We just moved into a house with a yard after a very long year in a Los Angeles apartment building. 

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super duper educational homeschool review
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Keeping with my Summer Brain Drain theme these days, we have the latest and greatest from Super Duper Publications, an amazing source of learning materials for kids.  Previously only available to teachers, therapists and special needs professionals, Super Duper is now on the consumer market.  Let the great roar of

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vtech innotab 2S review
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Keeping kids engaged and learning the whole summer through can be a challenge. It really can.  School’s out and kids want to spend their days by the pool, at friend’s houses and on vacation.  No school allowed. But, with the sophisticated learning tablets for kids, like the VTech InnoTab 2S,

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The Magic School Bus: All ABout Earth DVD review
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I’m a huge-enormous-gigantic fan of The Magic School Bus.  I loved watching the series as a kid and was so thrilled to when the complete series was released on DVD.  See my review and gush here.  Well, Ms. Frizzle has even more to offer.  Perfect for Earth Day is The

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purple cows laminator

The decision to homeschool my kindergartner this year was a big one, one I did not take lightly.  Many factors were at play, but ultimately we decided homeschool was the right choice for our daughter and I have no regrets!  It has been such a success that I am contemplating

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Handwriting WIthout Tears review

Living in a digital world has its ups and downs, one down being less emphasis on the written word.  Nonetheless, proper handwriting is a skill every child must master, and one that parents should encourage.   It is widely accepted that writing by hand increases creative writing and fine motor

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The Quarter Mile
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Whether you choose to join the rising homeschool population or are just looking for supplemental educational resources, there is quite a bit to choose from and this is good news.  Through endless research for my own school-aged daughter I have found a surprisingly large amount of awesome products.  But if

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