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I’ve entered a happy stage where my newborn can now be fully entertained by his big sister.  It’s a win-win for everyone as my daughter enjoys his company just as much as he does hers.  So as I browse the baby market, I take special note of interactive toys both

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Sarah and myself started In The Know Mom for a lot of reasons several years ago. About five and a half years ago we became friends from our similar likes and passions. We both refused to settle for plastic toys that everyone seemed to have. Melissa, has a very similar

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I always get excited when I find exceptionally high quality wooden toys for my kids.  Personally, there’s just something so pure and simple about wooden toys that make them desirable.  Plus, they seem to last forever and are able to withstand the abuse of being overly played with, without eventually

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I’m so excited to be able to contribute to the Family Game Night postings here at ITKM for the fifth installment. Haba‘s “Keep it steady!” is a game similar to the old “Pick Up Sticks” game from when we were little. You bunch all the colored sticks together and place the

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For our third installment of family game night, we have a Haba game called Animal Upon Animal or Tier Auf Tier.  This wobbly stacking game is super cute and perfect for kids ages 4 and up.  The parts are quite small so keep them away from little ones who like

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Some of you know, the majority probably don’t, but we have been setting up a retail section for In The Know Mom.  It’s all very exciting.  Our retail store will not be a boutique of various individuals products, but rather our unique and trademarked ITKM Swag Bags.  These Swag Bags

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Any mom who has eyeballs and ears, has heard and seen Haba toys.  Haba has been bringing parents innovative, safe, and cherished toys for over 70 years.  With all that experience, you can certainly trust them to provide stimulating and safe toys.  While on a search for bright and fun

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So a lot of parents have resorted to pulling their kids around in the classic Radio Flyer Wagon.  I will admit that it can be easy to dump all the kids in the wagon, with all their gear, and pull them around.  Trips to the park can be made simpler.

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