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This post about shopping for energy providers is sponsored by Choose Energy; all opinions are 100% my own. Living in the desert, sometimes things are very backwards.  Like when I grew up back East, winter was the off-season.  We were all huddled inside while the snow covered the yard and

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Once upon I time, I believed that the best, most effective household cleaning items came from the store in their chemically filled bottles. I’m pretty shocked to say this, but I’ve recently learned (by trying them out myself) that the all natural products actually work better and are cheaper. It

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beautybookshealth and nutrition

Okay, so I am in love with Kimberly Snyder’s Glowing Green Smoothie and want to share it with you. You will drink this in the morning only when you feel hungry. Kimberly recommends this as late as possible in the morning since your body is still detoxing and digesting from

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I first heard of Sircuit skin care during a mama-to-be facial at Exhale Spa in NYC.  The esthetician recommended Sircuit’s Molecular Mist to use as a daily moisturizer during pregnancy since those amazing pregnancy hormones already provide lots of oil (aka the “pregnancy glow”).  A light mist of facial moisturizer

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