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I never knew how hungry a baby could be until I had a boy.  He’s 13 months now and it seems every week he ups his intake.  Beyond the obvious fruits and vegetables, I’m always trying to sneak extra ingredients into his diet… the easiest ways being yogurts and oatmeal. 

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Back to School and you know what that means–massive fundraising events.  Stay away from the candybars, gourmet lollipops, snacks, and cookie dough tubs–yes, these are all popular fundraising programs used in our schools.  Do you notice a trend there, because I do–fat and sugar.  In a time where childhood obesity

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I have always loved wheatgrass.  Everywhere I go where it is available, I order a double shot with an orange slice.  I always knew it was great for me–detoxifying, cleansing, and nutrient-rich–but I didn’t know until recently just how great.  We are constantly bombarding our bodies with toxins.  These toxins

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Pay Attention All Black Thumb Owners!!  Soon the land will thaw and the gardening will commence for many.  This year, think more about crop placement.  Just as we find mates in life who support us and protect us, plants seek the same.  If you look at nature in its wild

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