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It’s a hot button issue.  Breast vs. Bottle. We’re not here to debate, but rather support each other and learn about really stellar products to make life a little better. Breast milk is best but for whatever reason, and there are a myriad of reasons, many moms are preparing formula

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Having a bottle warmer really helps speed up the process of warming your babies’ bottles. While they are also more convenient and quicker than soaking bottles in a warm water bath, they are not always the safest. Some bottle warmers heat the milk or formula too quickly causing hot spots.  Additionally, if

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How brilliant is this? Screw-on plastic dispenser tops from store bought soaps, shampoos and lotions will actually fit on top of glass bottles! Yes, it might take you a little bit to find the right matches, but once you do, you can reuse those glass bottles over and over again. Add

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I remember hand washing bottles at all hours of the night when my daughter was little.  Then I’d dunk all of the items in a pot of boiling water to sterilize after every wash. OCD at it’s finest. My drying rack was hideous and didn’t even really fit all of

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