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Having a good jogger makes parenthood a lot more fun.  Not only are they great for everyday errands, they are perfect for getting a nice workout with baby in tow.  It can certainly be difficult to get off any postpartum weight with a young baby at home.  With a jogger

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mima flair leather pushcart
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If  ever there was a stroller that was tailored for dads… Oh, wait.  There is. And perfect for any stylish mom as well. The new leather-look Mima Flair collection from Spain includes the Xari and Kobi strollers.  Inspired by the interiors of classic cars, these pushchairs radiate elegance and understated

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A new year has arrived and with that year comes more fabulous products from our beloved (and trusted) baby brands.  What gear can you expect to see?  Just about everything is getting a facelift.  Here are a few of my favorite new gear on the go products: Now Available Boba3G

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Baby wraps, baby structured carriers, baby slings, and all of their variations–it can be confusing, especially for new parents.  I have been through all types, finding pros and cons in each category.  They truly are categories because each carrier type has a set of adaptions. For me, finding the right

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I think with my first child, I became a little jaded with diaper bags.  I started out very traditional and over time kept transitioning farther and farther until I was just dumping everything into a big Chloé bag.  Now I find myself wanting to have it all–a well designed bag that

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We’ve featured the great Patemm changing pads on In The Know Mom in the past , and we want to let you know about Patemm’s new line of organic cotton changing pads.  First, here’s the low-down of why Patemm changing pads are great:  The design is round, making it a

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Joovy ergo caboose stroller review
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When you’ve got one small child and one on the way, the double stroller is at the top of your buy list.  I personally will do anything to avoid the ultra wide types of double strollers.  I know if twins are in your future, this may be hard to get

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Have you ever stumbled upon a product that made you say, “Wow, what a great idea, why didn’t I come up with that?”  Well, those were my thoughts exactly when I first discovered the Cleanwater Infant Tub. Created by 4moms, this tub is truly the most innovative infant tub on

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Ditch the boring bag that comes standard with your pack and play or other portable playyard/crib and grab a quilted Bover Bag.  Some portable cribs (pack-n-plays are notorious) do not even come with a bag, making travel very difficult (how ironic).  Each Bover Bag is double quilted to be super

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