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joovy caboose too ultralight
baby gearstroller

Double strollers. For some, those two words together kick the anxiety up a few levels.  “Some” includes me, but I also decided to add #2, and therefore the need for a double. Where better to look than my tried and true baby gear love, Joovy?  Of course, they had just

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ingenuity washable play yard with dream centre review
baby gearchanging padCribfurniturenurseryportable crib

There isn’t a more crucial piece of baby gear than a play yard such as the InGenuity Washable Playard Deluxe with Dream Centre. This one product is a hub of activity, a place where baby can sleep, play and be changed.  It is basically all you need in the first

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dr brown's deluxe warmer
baby gearfeeding

Newborns can go from content and pacified to screaming and hungry in seconds flat.  I forgot this little mom tidbit but, with a newborn in the house again, I have been reminded.  When all the milk is in the fridge, or, even worse, the freezer, feeding time can be a

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baby gearinfant

The Bumbo seat was an invaluable item with my first child, as a place for my daughter to eat, play and relax.  She absolutely loved sitting up months before she could do it on her own.  We took it everywhere as it is incredibly portable, which was great since we

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baby gearchanging padeco-friendlykidsmust havenon-toxicnursery

There have been so many occasions since having my second daughter that I have said to myself, I wish this product was around four years ago when I had my first child. Most recently this occurred when I discovered the Keekaroo Peanut Changer. Changing pads are an essential item when having

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baby bottlesbaby gear

Let’s call a spade a spade: a bottle is just a boob replacement, a substitute feeding station, and who are we to change nature’s design?  The mimijumi baby bottle is inspired by nature, resembling the real deal in shape, color and texture.  We all know breast is best, and same

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baby geartoys

To say the MAGIC Stargaze Playmat & Gym is interactive would be an understatement, but unlike the harsh sensory overload items on the market, Mamas & Papas delivers soft lights and crisp, pleasant sounds.  Pull toys on the overhang arch and a sensor touch pad stimulate and encourage young development,

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beco carrier review
baby carrierbaby gear

As parents, we are always trying to find a way to ease our workload. One way that has been very helpful in my experience has been baby wearing. Whether you are a mother of multiple children, or just a single baby, a mother of a newborn or a mother of

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7 am enfant

Knee deep in the winter season, we’re traversing through frigid temperatures, whether it be at home or on vacation.  Keeping baby warm is always the number one priority, but don’t forget about your own comfort!  Defrost the digits with 7 A.M. Enfant’s WarMMuffs, a cozy place to keep your hands

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baby gearportable cribtravel

Joovy cannot be satisfied with satisfactory.  They are one company set to improve upon all key baby gear items on the market it seems.  Their latest stroke of brilliance is the Moon Room, a portable play yard with modern design and square footage! With a 360 view and 10 square

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