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I always thought we could get by with just our clip on travel highchair then I discovered how wrong I was.  A visit to the in-laws left us having to seat my little one and myself at their kitchen bar and not at the main table. You see, they recently acquired

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tommee tippee perfect prep machine review
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It’s a hot button issue.  Breast vs. Bottle. We’re not here to debate, but rather support each other and learn about really stellar products to make life a little better. Breast milk is best but for whatever reason, and there are a myriad of reasons, many moms are preparing formula

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A travel crib or play yard is one of those essential items every new parent needs. Some people even skip the traditional crib and use a travel system instead. I don’t know what it is about our society, but sometimes it seems like the simplest things have become way too

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When driving with your precious cargo you’re extra cautious and abide by all traffic laws to a T. You can control your actions but what about other drivers? It’s scary to think about all the things that could go wrong, which is why a car seat is the most important

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joovy boob baby bottle review
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I’m fairly certain my quest for the best, most natural baby bottle has come to and end with the Joovy Boob. Making boob to bottle transitions seamless, this bottle is really for everyone, whether you are all bottle or partially bottle.  Some have raised their eyebrows at the name, but

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mombo nursing pillow review
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This post brought to you by Comfort and Harmony. All opinions are 100% mine. One of the reasons I wanted to start In The Know Mom with my BFF was to find multi-taskers.  As a new mom, I suddenly needed every product I brought into the home to have two

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journeyBee review
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Spring with a newborn can be difficult to figure out.  The rest of the family wants to be outside all day, including full-sun high noon.  The pool, the park, the beach… we’re always outside, but my 2 month old baby needs a couple luxuries the outdoors can’t afford — such

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joovy roo review
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I didn’t think I needed the Roo, an Infant Car Seat Frame Stroller, but I was wrong.  There is no easier way to travel around with a newborn. Period.  Not only are they essential, they will be the most liberating piece of baby gear for unsure new moms.  This stroller

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comfort & harmony portable swing review
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Life with a newborn in my house generally consists of moving baby boy around from thing to thing, desperately seeking his contentment.  He has such a small window before he grows tired of things.  10 minutes in the bouncer, 5 on the playmat, 5 on the other playmat, 10 in

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Strollers are like cars. There are so many makes and models but some are better suited than others when you consider terrain. You wouldn’t drive a Prius through the back woods as you wouldn’t parallel park a Hummer in the city. My new-mom mistake was picking a stroller as if

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