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One of the many things I love about Boon Inc is that they are always creating, re-creating, re-designing and re-engineering their products.Their designs are always functional, practical, modern, bright and most importantly, fun! You can easily walk into any room in our house and quickly see Boon products. The LAWN is always on our kitchen counter, the FROG POD is on the bathroom wall and the kids are typically eating off of a Boon feeding accessory. I am always eager to see the newly released items from Boon and they never seem to disappoint.

Boon Stout

One of the latest items they’ve released are the STOUT Transitional Cups. The cup is designed to be a way to transition your toddler into drinking cup. There’s a leak-resistant with removable silicone valve in the top of the lid. If your child is a new toddler who just transitioned into sippy cups, you will want to leave the valve in the cup. This allows the fluid to come out, only when your child sucks on it. Also, if they throw it on the floor, you can rest assured that it won’t leak all over the carpet. If your child is a more advanced sippy cup user, you can easily remove the valve for more of a free flow from the cup. But please be aware that the cup is no longer leak proof! Now when that toddler is ready to move on to a drinking cup, simply remove the lid entirely and you have a regular glass, with a wide base, which helps to prevent tipping.

As with all Boon products, the STOUT is top-rack dishwasher safe and is Phthalate-free and PVC-free. It holds up to 9 ounces of liquid for your child, which is perfect in our house. My only suggestion for improvement would be in the silicone valve for the early toddler stage. It’s still difficult for them to suck the fluid out and when they do, not that much comes out. Great for babies, but a little frustrating for impatient toddlers.

Boon Stout

Also new are the Boon CARGO and TRUNK Snack Boxes. This is probably my favorite new item. My 18 month old is a bottomless pit. She’s eating CONSTANTLY. It’s a good thing that she prefers fruit, but it also means she digests her snacks much faster. Oranges, grapes, apples, bananas, all the time. I’m not a big fan of putting fruit into the stackable snack containers because for some reason, they just don’t fit very well. This is why I LOVE the Snack Boxes. Both the CARGO and TRUNK have compartments to keep the food divided. It’s airtight sealing lid keeps their snacks fresh while on the go. The handle makes it easy for your little independent child to carry it themselves with ease. It’s pretty easy to mix in the fruits and the dry snacks without fearing that the dry might get wet. I love that the compartments are large enough to fit my toddler’s favorite fresh fruit snacks easily. Bottom line is that this thing is amazing and works well in the car or even as your snacks while out on family adventures or even the park.

Head over to Boon to see all of their amazing products and especially check out the STOUT, CARGO and TRUNK. Not only are these products bright and fun, but they are truly practical and work for small kiddos all the way up to your big ones! The snack containers are perfect for taking to sports practices with just enough food to give your kid the energy they need.

Boon Cargo

special thanks to Boon Inc for providing samples to conduct this review

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