peaceful naps on the go {SnoozeShade}

With the first baby, you can hide out in your house a lot, keeping them pretty sheltered from all those nasty germs out there. But any kids you have after your first is just going to have to learn to adapt. I find myself having to figure out how I’ll put my baby to sleep or feed her while out at my five-year olds activities. Soccer runs our lives right now with practice during the week and a game every weekend. With a husband that travels, my 5 month old has to adapt. It’s not that easy to fall asleep while at a game with screaming kids and sun in your eyes. For me, a SnoozeShade is a must have item. This multi-award-winning cover fits over stroller and joggers to give your baby a little peaceful snooze while also protecting them from the sun with its UPF50+.

 peaceful naps on the go {SnoozeShade} sun block stroller cover snoozeshade nap time cover Finally, you won’t have to drape your blanket over their stroller. The SnoozeShade fits easily right over the top of your stroller and you won’t have to worry about little hands being able to pull the blanket off or a strong gust of wind taking it across the soccer field. Plus now this keeps the nosey grandmother that’s attending the game from poking her annoying hands all over your baby. As an extra bonus, it will also keep the sun, wind, rain and even the pesky bugs away from them too! Nothing is more heartbreaking than discovering your little helpless baby was eaten by a pack of mosquitos! SnoozeShade Original fits your single-width canopied stroller, travel system, jogger and even bassinets.

Another feature I love is that the SnoozeShade blocks visual stimuli and 94% of light, It’s so hard for some babies to fall asleep while not in their bed, with tons of screaming kids around and then an addition of annoying light. I always fear that my daughter isn’t getting enough air flow when I’ve put a blanket over her car seat while we have been out. I don’t have to worry about that with the SnoozeShade, I know she’s getting proper ventilation while she sleeps.

Head over to SnoozeShade to read more about their innovative design as well as all of their different products that fit the exact stroller, pack n play or other item that your little one might be taking a snooze in. This has definitely helped our family to allow my older daughter to remain in her activities and my baby to keep her sleep schedule. Such an awesome product!!

 peaceful naps on the go {SnoozeShade} sun block stroller cover snoozeshade nap time cover

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 peaceful naps on the go {SnoozeShade} sun block stroller cover snoozeshade nap time cover

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