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As a  parent of 3, I am constantly searching for the best travel solutions for snacks and drinks. I stumbled upon a whole line of products from Innobaby that  immediately got my attention. One product that became a staple in my diaper bag is the Packin’ Smart Stack-n-Seal dispenser. This dispenser contains 4 pods that twist on/off and stack.  Each pod has the capacity of 1/2 cup.

When we leave to go out for the day, or even for a few hours, this always comes along, full of delicious snacks like blueberries, cereal, grapes, raisins, nuts, or yogurt drops. This gives my picky eaters a wide selection for when we are out. My kids easily get bored with one snack, and this allows them to move on to another, and cycle back to the one the started off with.

Before the Packin’ Smart, my kids would eat a small amount of their snack and toss the rest on the floor, leaving a huge mess for my husband or me. The variety that it allows me to provide in an organized manner really makes a difference in their appeal to snacking and even if they were to toss a pod onto the ground, it most likely would not spill much, if any at all because of the narrow pour spout dispenser. The twist and seal design also allows for the storage of liquids, such as juice or breast milk and is great for mothers who choose to formula feed their babies, because each individual pod can hold 5 scoops of formula, which would equal a 10oz feeding. The Packin’ Smart stack-n-seal dispenser is not only BPA free, but also free of phthalates, lead, and PVC. It is microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe, if used on the top-rack.
Now, let’s move on to another great product that always comes with us when we go out, the stainless steel travel cup, which is new to Innobaby’s product line.  Not only is the Keepin’ Fresh Kids Stainless Drinking Cup BPA-free, but also free of lead, phthalates, and PVC. Inside you will find a removable tumbler which is made of type 304 stainless steel and provides a double wall of insulation to keep those summer drinks cooler longer.

The neatest part of this cup is that it is interchangeable between a straw cup and sippy cup. If you would like to change to a sippy cup, you simply pull the straw out of the spout and add a silicone disc that is provided to the flip-top cap. This eliminates the amount of cups you will need to purchase as your child grows and is very convenient for picky drinkers who may like to drink their chocolate milk out of a straw, but their juice from a spout. Another great feature that I haven’t seen anywhere else is a removable shaker. The shaker prevents ice from clogging the spout and making it difficult for your child to sip. It also serves to break down and mix powdered drinks. Brilliant. When the lid is closed, I haven’t had any leaks whatsoever with this cup, even when tossed across the room.

Even though I am in love with this cup, there is one concern I would like to address and that is the lid. I would not recommend this cup to a child who is too young to follow instructions, because it is very easy to open and spill. We did not have much success when my 22 month old used this cup, but it is perfect for my 4 year old. The stainless steel travel cups come in 8oz and 12oz sizes in several different colors.

Purchase all your Innobaby food storage solutions online at Innobaby.

I would like to thank Innobaby for providing samples for review purposes.

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