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Secure Lights Audio Monitor {Safety 1st}

At the top of every baby registry is a quality baby monitoring system.  A trusted brand, Safety 1st has released another monitor, the Secure Lights 49 MHz Audio Monitor, which is quite impressive for its affordability.  This wireless setup has a 600+ foot range, making it easy to listen to your baby from a good distance.  Keep an ear on your little one wherever they are napping with this easy to use system.

Portability is a huge factor when choosing the right monitor.  You will want to be able to move the system around your house, depending on where your baby has chosen to be.  Also, being able to take the parent unit with you is key.  The Safety 1st Secure Lights Audio Monitor comes with a carry loop and belt clip so you can take it on the go — hands free!  It has four channels to minimize interference (and frustration).   If interference pops up, a common problem with baby monitors especially the portable kind, simply change channels until it is no longer an issue.

This particular model features sound lights, which light up when they hear, well sounds.  So even the faintest cries will be recognized by you, even from across the room, even with that noisy dishwasher or vacuum on.  I found that the audio jack for listening with earphones is a really great feature to have when needing to keep the environment quiet.  Perhaps dad is sleeping near you or another child, with the earphones only you will hear the baby’s cries.  Keeping with Safety 1st’s efforts to be green, the parent and baby unit come with their own AC adapters so you do not have to rely on batteries (but this is an option for the parent).  These AC adapters only use power when the units are ON, unlike others that drain energy constantly.  The parent unit will let you know when the battery is low, so no surprises.

Purchase your own Safety 1st Secure Lights Audio Monitor for less than $20 — an affordable option for any parent.

A product was provided by Safety 1st to facilitate this review.

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