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safety with kids and flat screens {Sanus}

 safety with kids and flat screens {Sanus} TV safety household homegoods furniture electronics

I was shocked to hear that a child dies every three weeks from an unsecured TV.  Every 45 minutes a child visits an emergency room due to a TV tip-over related injury.  Injuries and deaths from kids pulling TVs over onto themselves is on the rise — by 25% in four years in fact.  We’re plugging the wall sockets and padding coffee table corners, so how have we overlooked this major home hazard?

Why the increase?  The TVs keep getting thinner and larger, making them easy to tip over.  A simple bump or tug can topple over a freestanding flat panel TV, a formidable threat to small children.  Kids will be kids so we must make their environment safe, even through that stressful climbing phase.  The easiest way to achieve a safe viewing area is to mount your TVs.  Get those beloved screens up and away from clumsy little hands.  They look much better that way anyways!

 safety with kids and flat screens {Sanus} TV safety household homegoods furniture electronics

Leading designer and manufacturer of flat panel TV wall mounts, Sanus, has teamed up with Safe Kids Worldwide to educate consumers on this risk.  From the shocking statistics, it is apparent most parents simply do not realize their new sleek TV is a hazard, but ignorance will be no comfort when your child is injured.  I, for one, never put much thought into our freestanding flat screens.  With a maniac of a six year old and a little boy on the cusp of crawling and then cruising, I am grateful to have been enlightened.  This is a simple fix for a scary (yet easily avoidable) danger zone.

Sanus offers a range of wall mounts to boost your entertainment level while keeping everyone safe. Fitting up to a 60″ screen, the Sanus Vuepoint F180 Full-Motion TV Wall Mount is keeping my living room a tip-free zone.  This universal wall mount extends, retracts, tilts and swivels with the touch of a finger.  This full range of motion is key for rooms where you have more than one viewing angle.  Check out the mounts Sanus offers, available at Walmart.

 safety with kids and flat screens {Sanus} TV safety household homegoods furniture electronics

Sanus knows that mounting TVs can be intimidating so they offer incredible support to help you install your mounts.  There is an online video walkthrough of the simple installation, as well as live customer support.  No extra tools are necessary as all hardware is included.  There is nothing more frustrating than getting home to find you are missing tools to put together a project.

Our lives are filled with enough hidden dangers.  Mount those flat screens with the help of Sanus and be sure to educate your friends and family on the important topic!

Product was provided to facilitate this review; all opinions are 100% my own.


 safety with kids and flat screens {Sanus} TV safety household homegoods furniture electronics

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6 thoughts on “safety with kids and flat screens {Sanus}

  1. Danielle

    Great tips. I had no idea. None of our TVs are within reach of our kids, thank goodness, and all of the furniture around them have been secured to the wall. I’ll have to pass this info along.

  2. Chelsea Day

    Oh My Word I never knew that this was such an issue. It was one of the first things we bought with the tv. My boys are climbers and it scares me to death to think this would happen. Thanks for sharing this info.

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