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safety for big kids too with PARKWAY SG Booster {Britax}

I have a new love and it’s name is the PARKWAY SG Booster seat from Britax. No really, I do. We just got back from a trip to Maui and traveling with a car seat is no easy task. Mostly since we had to sleep in a hotel by the airport since our flight went out at 5 am. This means I needed a seat that was easy to put into a shuttle, quickly take out, pack into the car seat carrier and get into the check-in line at the airport. This booster seat may just be the most convenient and easy to use seat that I’ve ever used. Plus it’s from Britax, who pull out all the stops when it comes to ensuring safety for your child. First and foremost, booster seats are only supposed to be used when your child reaches the requirements for the seat. Just for a visual, I wanted to show you how to properly position a booster seat with your child from Britax’s site:

To ensure that the booster seat and vehicle seat belt are properly positioned for your child, follow these steps:

1. The lap belt should be low and tight across the child’s upper thighs, not the soft abdomen. correct vehicle belt fit with a booster seat
2. The shoulder belt should fit snugly across the child’s mid-chest and shoulder. The vehicle belt should NOT be positioned over the child’s neck, under the child’s arm, or behind the child’s back.
3. Either the booster seat or vehicle seat head restraint should be adjusted properly for the child’s height.

Parkway SG booster seat with SecureGuardI’m a REALLY big fan of their SecureGuard, which is exclusive to Britax. Please see some videos on this amazing feature here. This feature works with the vehicle safety belt to prevent your child from sliding under the lap belt portion during an impact. You can see the red clip in the photo above with the number 1 arrow next to it. Your child will have a clip between their legs, which clips onto the lap belt to ensure that the belt fits across your child’s upper thighs and not their abdomen. Having the belt not in the correct position during a crash can cause injuries to their internal organs, so this is a very important feature to me.

You can use the booster alone if your child is old and large enough or you can use the booster with the backrest on it like we do with our 5 year old. The ability to remove the backrest was a huge lifesaver for our traveling. Plus the car seat is extremely light, only 9.72 lbs! This makes it a breeze fPARKWAY SGor even this mama who is 7 months pregnant to carry it around the airport. The backrest has True Side Impact protection that distributes crash forces, protects your child and ensures that their neck and spine remain aligned to limit injury. It also has an Energy-Absorbing Foam Liner (EPS) that absorbs and distributes crash forces. Here are a few other features from their site:

  • 120-pound Weight Capacity for safety and comfort as your child grows
  • High Density Comfort Foam provides an extra layer of padding to gently cushion your child
  • Armrests help provide a secure fit and a comfortable place to rest tired arms
  • Retractable Cup Holders are designed to hold children’s cups and snacks (yep, that’s right CUP HOLDERS!!!)
  • Narrow Footprint is ideal for 3-across seating
  • Color-Coded Vehicle Belt Guides indicate the path and positioning of the vehicle lap and shoulder seat belt
  • Removable Back allows the booster seat to easily convert to a backless booster while maintaining safety of SecureGuard
  • Durable and Washable Cover in mature fashions for the growing child (you read that right, the cover is removable for washing)

 Not all boosters are created equal. It’s very important to pay attention to the small details like how and where the strap fits across your child’s chest as well as how it sits on their lap. Britax’s PARKWAY SG is a safe, convenient and easy to use booster seat that I guarantee you’ll be happy with. The cup holders make taking drinks and snacks a cinch. Albee Baby even has them for as low as $89.99! Check them out here.

Special thanks to Britax for providing a sample for review.

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