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The Quarter Mile Math {School at Home}

The Quarter Mile Whether you choose to join the rising homeschool population or are just looking for supplemental educational resources, there is quite a bit to choose from and this is good news.  Through endless research for my own school-aged daughter I have found a surprisingly large amount of awesome products.  But if there is one area that can be a bit lacking, it is math.  Math, not being the most exciting of subjects (for me at least) is a rough one to teach and encourage (again, for me).  Wondering where to venture, I looked to a product that Sylvan Learning Centers use, The Quarter Mile Math software.

The Quarter Mile Math software is engaging and motivating for kids at K-9th grade levels.  The program utilizes a race format to excite little learners and quicken their math reflexes.  By presenting the problems in a fast-paced environment, students’ mental math abilities quicken.  This method also gives automatic positive reinforcement — who doesn’t want to win a race?  And since the student is ultimately racing their own best times, it is a self-motivator, which is a proven way to go.  There is no other math resource that encourages/demands mental math solving at the fastest possible rate.  As one problem is solved, the next appears, keeping the student constantly engaged and processing on a high level.

The Quarter Mile Math covers topics from K-9th grade curriculum — full list of topics here.    Starting with the most basic of math, the software takes students as far as you want, as fast as they can, which means they are not confined to the curriculum provided at their grade level.  This is key to me, and any parents who are challenging their kids at home, as it works for children beyond their peers and those in need of remedial help.   Using this software also gives all kids a chance, no matter how they best learn, since it utilizes all major learning modalities: visual, auditory and tactile.  Younger kids will also gain better keyboarding skills along the way (bonus!).  Speaking of being individualized, the program can recognize during a race when students are ready to advance to a harder set of math problems, automatically doing so from recognizing the students response level.  Seriously, your kid cannot not benefit from using The Quarter Mile Math.

You may purchase the product in 3 levels: K-3, 4-6, 6-9 or bundle them for a deal.  Optimize The Quarter Mile Math by enlisting in the deluxe version, a low monthly, yearly, or 2-year fee, that tracks the students progress more thoroughly, allows multiple students to use the program at once, comes with free upgrades and more.  Compare the two options here to see which is better for you.  I have found The Quarter Mile Math software is a great resource for individual work.  You child/student can operate the whole system on their own (my 5 year old can do it) and it monitors if you cannot.  Scores and progress are recorded and tracked for the parent/teacher to evaluate and even print out.  See a demo of the program and then purchase directly from The Quarter Mile.

Product was provided by The Quarter Mile Math to facilitate this review.



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