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I grew up with a mother who loved essential oils. We’d have ceramic diffusers on light bulbs and potpourri all over the house. If you aren’t familiar with them, essential oils are the subtle, aromatic and volatile liquids extracted from the flowers, seeds, leaves, stems, bark and roots of herbs, bushes, shrubs and trees through distillation. According to ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and Chinese manuscripts, priests and alchemists were using essential oils thousands of years ago to heal the sick. Essential oils are the oldest form of medicine and cosmetic known and were considered more valuable than gold to the ancients. Modern science is only just beginning to investigate the incredible healing energy found in essential oils. They will penetrate into the body when applied to the skin and when rubbed on the foot, they will be distributed to every cell in the body within 21 minutes. Don’t be fooled though, not all essential oils are created equal. Some have more pure contents and, they just smell different. Puritan’s Pride is one of the most well-known vitamin manufacturer and creates some of the best essential oils available today.

Maybe a few of you, don’t really understand what you’d do with essential oils Play Doughin your home, so let me tell you what I do. I have a little one, and that little one is obsessed with playdough. She gets all excited when it’s time to play with it, and then, just when I take my eyes off of her for a moment, she shoves a chunk in her mouth. It infuriates me. There are so many ingredients in there that just make me cringe. So, I now prefer to make playdough myself. I use a homemade gelato playdough recipe from lmnop, you can find the recipe here. It’s a super easy recipe and every ingredient can be found in your cupboards (so if they sneak a bite, you don’t have to worry). Plus if you store them in containers, these babies will last forever. Trust me, your child will absolutely LOVE to make their own playdough. You can see how excited my daughter was to stir the ingredients in the pot before I heated it up. I swear, this recipe has the exact same consistency as store bought, but safer. I like to add a few drops of essential oils to each color. They smell lovely, and as she works each one, the warmth from her hands draws out even more of the scent. Each one has a different effect and work wonderfully with each of the colors chosen.

Cookin'GRAPEFRUIT – a pink dough infused with the citrusy zing of Grapefruit Oil. This refreshing oil is stimulating and will help your child focus and concentrate. Plus helps in the areas of respiratory and immune health.

ORANGE – an orange dough infused with refreshing orange oil. This oil helps to restore harmony and balance. Supports digestion, circulation, skin soothing, neurotonic for overall brain and nervous system health.

LEMON – a sunny yellow dough infused with the cleansing, purifying freshness Making Playdoughof Lemon Oil. Also helping your child focus. This oil is appreciated for its effects on circulatory, digestive and immune health, as well as its use as an antiseptic and to stimulate clear breathing.

PINE – a comforting green dough infused with the woody, evergreen aroma of Pine. This oil has the ability to leave you centered and utterly refreshed

LAVENDER– this calming purple is infused with the tranquil lavender oil. One of the most popular oils known for it’s meditational purpose and overall soothing effects.

These were simply the oil scents I chose for our playdough. Have fun choosing which scents work for your family and the healthy benefits they’ll have on your children. There are so many uses for essential oils. You can use them in personal lotions, bath water, bottle distilled water and use it as a spritzer, add it to your favorite dried flowers or potpourri, boil a pot of water with a few drops on your stovetop to eliminate cooking odors, place chamomile drops on your child’s pillowcase to help calm them at bedtime, peppermint oil on a cotton ball will keep mice away, I could go on and on. You can clean your entire house using these as well. Imagine how amazing your windows will smell when you use oils. Look up recipes for cleaning with aromatherapy here.

Head over to Puritan’s Pride here and look through all of their essential oils. They even have options of blended oils. They truly are exceptional oils and will last you forever. Several buy 2, get 3 free deals, you can’t beat that kind of deal!

Play Dough

Special thanks to Puritan’s Pride for providing samples for review purposes.

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