how to pull off the best Father’s Day breakfast

Father’s Day is coming up fast and I’ve been brainstorming a bit with the kids, trying to figure out how we can show Neil our gratitude for all he does.  One of our favorite traditions is the Father’s Day breakfast in bed.  Pulling off the perfect breakfast in bed isn’t too tricky, especially if you have little helpers, and it’s an easy way to make any day special.  Here’s how to make this Father’s Day breakfast the best:

enlist the kids for help

Breakfast in bed is an awesome gift for Father’s Day because the whole family can get in on it.  Have the kids help cook, prepare and serve the foods, depending on their ages.  They can also be part of the planning and menu brainstorming.  My 10 year old prepped basically everything herself.  My 4 year old, well, he put kiwis on his eyes.  Bless his heart.

set the scene

Make sure your bed has enough sturdy pillows lined up along the headboard so your lucky recipient can sit upright and be comfortable.  Use a large tray or handled platter to serve food, which will give dad a table and reduce the amount of crumbs and/or spills in the bed.

bring on all of the cuddles

The best gift a kid can give a dad on Father’s Day is their love, so make sure the kiddos are not stingy with their hugs, kisses and cuddles.  Breakfast in bed is all about the experience and the company, so don’t forget that part!

serve fun food

I’ll leave the recipes to you – you know what your husband or dad likes to eat better than me.  My food tip is to keep it fun and simple.  Overly elaborate breakfasts were never meant for the bed and spells m-e-s-s.  I’d also avoid anything super sticky.   Try easy recipes like these bacon hearts that I baked in the oven for 15 min while I prepped everything else.

make him feel young

Sleeping in and eating fun foods in bed reminds me of being a kid.  I feel like I’m 10 again, playing hooky from school because I told my mom I was sick (sorry mom, hehe).  To really take dad back to his childhood, I recommend nostalgic foods like his favorite cereal he might not have had in the last decade or so.  In my husband’s case, that’s Golden Grahams.

give him the remote

Cuddling with the kids and enjoying breakfast is only part of the perfect Father’s Day morning experience.  Let dad enjoy a leisurely morning with whatever he wants (as long as he stays in bed).  This generally involves the remote and if we’re talking about my husband, sports news shows.  Today is the day to take one for the team, ladies.

add personal touches

Here is your chance to make this breakfast in bed unlike any other.  Have the kids give their Father’s Day gifts during breakfast.  You can also add personal touches to the tray like a favorite flower, a handmade card, anything that personalizes the breakfast to dad.

What cereal would you serve for breakfast in bed? Golden Grahams are perfect right out of the box, beloved by all kids both young and old, but they are also a perfect cereal to create recipes with.  You know all those yummy looking cereal bar creations on Pinterest are calling your name, need inspiration?  Check out these No-Bake Salted Caramel Golden Grahams™ Bars and this Blueberry-Lemon Cheesecake Bars recipe!

How do you take your breakfast in bed?

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