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Big Top Preemies and Newborns {Zutano}

 Big Top Preemies and Newborns {Zutano} preemie newborn. apparel

There was a period of time (felt like forever) while I was pregnant that I thought I was going to have a preemie.  Diagnosed at 21 weeks with Placenta Previa, I knew preterm labor was imminent and the baby could be coming really, really too early.  By the grace of God, my baby hung in there and by my 37 week ultrasound (just before my scheduled c-section) we all saw the condition had corrected itself.  That was a great day.  After all the anxiety and fear I had endured, I was lucky enough to go a couple more weeks and deliver my son naturally, and at a healthy 7 lbs 3 oz.

I bring this up now because during my pregnancy I had a lot of time to think about how to prepare for a preemie. What I found was that there really is nothing out there for those miniature babies — except for Zutano.  Zutano understands preemies (and parents of preemies) deserve stylish, colorful apparel options, just the same as parents of full term babies, and I love them for this.  Don’t you love them for this? I think it is important to note that Zutano does not have a small, less exciting line just for preemies.  The same whimsical prints a bouncy 9 lb baby can wear, the little 4 lb miracle can wear too.

 Big Top Preemies and Newborns {Zutano} preemie newborn. apparel

The print I am obsessing over right now? Le Cirque.  I am not real into theme nurseries, but if I was, the circus might be the theme I chose.  Nothing is more fun and whimsical than a circus, with bold colors, majestic animals and plenty of quirky characters.  Le Cirque print from Zutano embodies all of these characteristics and highlights them in flattering, non-primary colors, a gorgeous, sunny orange and brilliant turquoise blue being the star colors.

 Big Top Preemies and Newborns {Zutano} preemie newborn. apparel

The Le Cirque collection is comprised of tops, bottoms, accessories and blankets, all with the a fun and modern circus print.  It is stunning and I wish they made bedding!  In true Zutano fashion, there are other pieces to mix and match utilizing that beautiful blue and orange and a heather gray.  Zutano sent me a gown and hat to review, along with the absolutely perfect receiving blanket.  My son happens to have a head in the 97th percentile, so you won’t be seeing the newborn hat on that noggin, but I do so love the gown.  The Orange Stripe Receiving Gown is super soft and has a great fit.  Plus it features the ever so important cuffs to cover those sharp newborn nails. The receiving blanket makes a great swaddle, and that is how I use it currently.  You’ll notice it is the Le Cirque print on top but the other side features the same orange/white stripe you see on the gown.  It is fab.

Is there a better print pairing going?

 Big Top Preemies and Newborns {Zutano} preemie newborn. apparel

Zutano is always top quality, the fabrics so soft and the colors so bright.  You can find pieces starting from preemie/newborn, leading all the way up to 4T.  I haven’t been keeping tabs on Zutano for the past year since my daughter is oh so grown up, but now I am back in and I think Zutano is even better than before.  I am seeing a lot of really great prints and styles for spring, including some adorable bow ties. Check out the full collection online.

 Big Top Preemies and Newborns {Zutano} preemie newborn. apparel

Product was provided by Zutano to facilitate this review; all opinions are 100% my own.


 Big Top Preemies and Newborns {Zutano} preemie newborn. apparel

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