Plan Toys: $80 Airport (giveaway!)

We posted about Plan Toys a couple of weeks ago sharing our adoration for this green company and the exceptional toys they create. They inspire creativity without the plastic and obnoxious, battery-operated noises. Their toys truly are made with the highest of quality.

We were able to review Plan Toys Airport. My daughter is slightly airport obsessed. Probably has something to do with friends and family member coming and going at the airport regularly. Nonetheless, she flips out every time she sees an airplane or when she takes a ride with us to the airport. When the Plan Toys Airport arrived, it did not disappoint just like the other Plan Toys items we already have. The craftsmanship is top notch and the vehicles and figurines that come along with it speak for themselves. When my daughter saw this, her hand covered her gasping mouth and her eyes almost popped out of her head. She hasn’t stopped playing with it! Time for me to buy more Plan City items!

Sarah: Living next to the airport and a top hospital that has frequent MedEvac helicopters, my daughter sees a lot of flying contraptions over our house.  She sits on the patio and points out every one and screams with glee.  She was so excited to play with the airport and I couldn’t pry her away from it.  She even took all the parts she could to nap time with her!  Another quality product from Plan Toys and a favorite for my daughter.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, head over to Plan Toys to see their selection of green toys. You’ll be impressed with the premium quality of their items and with how their toys truly captivate your child’s attention without using plastic, flashing lights and noises. Click here for a list of online retailers or to find a store that carries their toys locally.

Want to win a Plan Toys Airport? Plan Toys has an exciting opportunity for our ITKM readers. We have one Plan Toys AIRPORT to GIVE AWAY! Such an amazing toy to win especially before the holiday season.

To Enter: leave a comment below telling one other item from Plan Toys’ entire line that is also on your Wish List. Click here to see their collection

EXTRA ENTRIES: Please leave a comment for every extra entry you complete

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Giveaway ends Sunday, November 29 at Midnight Pacific. Giveaway is open to US Residents only. Winner will be chosen randomly using a random number generator via Winner will be announced and emailed directly on Monday, November 30.

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