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Pesticides Disrupt Male Hormones and Block Testosterone {study}

I ready about this study at inhabitots and I felt it was necessary to bring it over to our readers as well. Another great reason as to why purchasing organic produce is so important. Remember to use the Lotus Sanitizing System as well, which can help clean your produce more thoroughly when organic isn’t available.

“According to a new study conducted by British scientists, numerous agricultural pesticides may disrupt male hormones. This new study isn’t all that shocking. We already know that pesticides are linked to several health issues including learning disabilities and early puberty in girls. Not to mention that the EPA says that birth defects, nerve damage, cancer and other problems can occur due to pesticide exposure.

Researchers for the new study looked at many pesticides, including some that were previously untested. They found that 30 out of 37 pesticides have the ability to alter male hormones. Most of these disrupting pesticides included fungicides applied to produce crops such as strawberries, lettuce, grapes and other fruits and vegetables. After looking at all the data, the researchers found that many of these pesticides block testosterone in males. Testosterone, of course, is essential for male reproductive health. Right now, as a parent, the best way to avoid these pesticides, and their negative side effects is to purchase organic food, which is grown without the addition of harmful pesticides. If you do buy conventional produce for your family, you should wash it well before eating it — but know that it’s impossible to wash away all pesticide residue — which is why we recommend opting for 100% certified organic fruits and vegetables for your family.”

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