perfectly heated bottles in Bib’secondes {Beaba}

 perfectly heated bottles in Bibsecondes {Beaba} bottle warmer bibsecondes bibexpresso beaba

 perfectly heated bottles in Bibsecondes {Beaba} bottle warmer bibsecondes bibexpresso beaba With a baby in the house, my daily routine consists of a lot of bottle warming, feeding and washing. Unfortunately for babies, they can’t give you that friendly warning that they’re starting to get hungry. They just wait until they can’t take it anymore and scream in your face. If you’re like my husband, the crying will instantaneously trigger your sweat glands and send you into a complete panic. I’m still breastfeeding and as a full-time working mom, I pump while she’s in daycare. This means that her milk is in the fridge and can’t just be put into a bottle that way. Heating a fridge temp bottle is not something that my baby girl has the patience for. Nor does she understand when you try to notify her that it will be warmed in approximately ten minutes. Well at least it used to be, before Beaba’s Bib’secondes. This earth shattering baby bottle and food warmer works with almost any brand of baby bottles and food jars. In less than 2 minutes for baby bottles and less than 5 minutes for baby food jars, your little one will be drinking their perfectly warm milk.

I was extremely excited to try this warmer out. What sold me was that is has a high precision electronic timer that guarantees the correct temperature. In less time than it will take you to change a diaper, the Bib’secondes will warm that fridge temp bottle to a perfect 98ºF. Then, after it’s done heating, it will keep it warm for up to 10 minutes! Most other warmers out there have a little cup that you fill up and dump into the reservoir. You turn it on and the steam heats the bottom of the bottle. Problem with this is that the heat isn’t distributed and there’s no way for the warmer to know how much milk you have. So basically if it’s a smaller bottle, it can make it way too hot or a large bottle might not get warm enough. the Bib’secondes actually has a dial in the front. This dial has two markers that tells the warmer if the starting temperature is room or fridge temp. You move the appropriate marker to the appropriate quantity of liquid in your  perfectly heated bottles in Bibsecondes {Beaba} bottle warmer bibsecondes bibexpresso beaba bottle. That’s right, it heats the bottle based on how much liquid is in the bottle. Why don’t other warmers operate this way? You press the button and a little light comes on to notify you that it’s heating. Then in two minutes, it makes a little sound and it’s done! It’s mind blowing.

I have to say that the Bib’secondes impressed this mama. I truly didn’t think I could love anything more than the Bib’Expresso. I have one for my house, I bought one for my mom’s and then one for my daughter’s daycare. That’s how much I love it. I still do think that the Bib’Expresso is by far the fastest way to heat up water for formula. It takes about 20 seconds, if that. But for heating up fridge temp bottles, the Bib’secondes is by far the easiest and best warmer.

Beaba is a staple in our house and for good reason. Head over to their site to read more about this innovative product that will make any sleepy parent happy. Perfect temp bottles in record times. No one likes to heat a bottle only to find that it’s too hot! Same with baby food. Your child then sees the food and is thinking “why aren’t you giving that to me?!?” there’s no reasoning with an extremely hungry baby. Every second counts when you’re a parent of a baby, so give yourself a few minutes back in each day with the Bib’secondes.

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 perfectly heated bottles in Bibsecondes {Beaba} bottle warmer bibsecondes bibexpresso beaba

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