the perfect bedroom air purifier {Duux}

Twice a year, my whole family turns into a snotty mess from our environmental allergies. Living in the desert where flowers bloom almost all year around and where wind blows allergens right into our house, makes keeping our house allergy-free a bit challenging. We have a very large purifier in our great room that cleans and blows the air in our largest living areas. This has made QUITE a big difference in our allergies as well as with removing cooking smells and such from the house. But what about my kids’ bedrooms? I want the place where their heads rest to be a clean place for them and for their body to recharge.


Duux has a compact multitasking air purifier that is absolutely perfect for your bedrooms. I was completely impressed to learn that it has a detachable HEPA-filter and built-in vaporizer in this magical device. You can easily add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to the unit if your child is stuffy, or maybe lavender to help them sleep better. The powers of essential oils are truly amazing, so to combine these two items together is a definite must-have.


In addition to cleaning the air in the rooms, you also have the option of an additional nightlight feature on the Duux Air Purifier. It’s just s soft blue glow to add the perfect amount of light to your or your child’s room at night. The added light will help your child feel safe and you don’t have to worry, the unit is silent, so it won’t interrupt their sleep.

Personally, I was completely impressed by this product. I’ve been using it in my 19 month old’s room since her allergies always hit the hardest. I’ve been using eucalyptus oil in it to help with the congestion and I’ve already seen such a huge improvement since only using it for a few days. Without a doubt, I will be buying two more. One for my older daughter’s room and the other for our master bedroom.

Head over to Duux to learn more about their multitasking Air Purifier that will help keep your rooms cleaner and family healthier. They have some absolutely brilliant products, browse around! Use their locator to find a store near you that sells Duux or that has a website to purchase from if none are close.


special thanks to Duux for providing the sample in order to conduct this review

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  1. stacey
    March 14, 2014 at 4:22 pm — Reply

    oh I need one! been wanting one for awhile but couldn’t decide which one. this ones “pretty” too. oh and be careful using eucalyptus oil on the young ones. or is it just topically that’s dangerous for them? not sure entirely.

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